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Author: Kontuz

Readme File:
Take Hyperion Peaks Demo Campaign v 0.02

Intro: -----------------------------------------

This short campaign consists of two linked skirmish maps with
custom win conditions. It is intended as a demo for the Campaign
External Functions Library(CampExt).

Both maps are preexisting maps from Relic, with new or
modified scar code.

The first mission is timed, and depending on the player's
success with completing the objectives, he will have more or less
units available for the following mission.

The second mission is an adaptation of the scripted "Hyperion
Peaks" critical location mission of the DC meta-map campaign. CampExt
fills in for the lack of MetaMap_ functions in skirmish scar code.

This is meant as a 'tech demo' to show what can be done with
CampExt. I hope other players may find this campaign a fun comp-stomp
and those mappers who can create deep campaigns may find it instructive.

Contents: -----------------------------------------

TakeHyperionPeaks.readme - This file

LuaExtCore.dll + LuaExtCore.module - Allows DoW scar access to
user made DLLs. (Note: DC specific)

CampExt.dll - The Campaign External Functions Library

TakeHyperionPeaks.module + TakeHyperionPeaks directory - The campaign

Installation: -----------------------------------------

Unpack into root DC directory. The LuaExtCore.dll supplied
will only work with DC.

Operation: -----------------------------------------

Run DC, in the Game Manager activate Hyperion Peaks Campaign.

Select Take Hyperion Peaks in the main menu. There should only
be a single available scenario to chose. When this game ends, it will
activate the main scenario, Hyperion Peaks, which you can select
anytime after.

File Details: -----------------------------------------

CampExt.scar -- Interface to CampExt.

takehp.scar -- Campaign common functions, functions to link data
between the maps.

2p_fallen_city.scar -- Map code for first mission, sets up data used
by next mission.

cl_hyperion_peaks.scar -- Map code for second mission, modified from
Relic base to run under skirmish and get mission data through CampExt
(via takehp.scar).

Limitations: -----------------------------------------

It's a demo and I'm not a mapper, so don't expect too
much. :)

You should have "free for all" with "fixed" positions selected to
play this campaign. You will always control the Eldar, and you will
always fight the Orks. ("Deh Eldar break eazzy!")

Feedback: -----------------------------------------

Leave feedback on: sub-forum:
Dawn of War - Adeptus Modificatus.

Credits: -----------------------------------------

Kontuz, Campaign development and programming.
Corsix, LuaExtCore.dll + LuaExtCore.module.
Relic, Original maps and some map code.

Thanks to: -----------------------------------------

Corsix for LuaExtCore.dll and all the information needed to use it.

Relic for making DoW a highly modable game.


Author: Kontuz

Permission given to redistribute this module _only if_ unmodified and
in its entirety.

LuaExtCore.dll + LuaExtCore.module are used under conditions stated
within LuaExtCore.module.

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