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This Mod ONLY for Dark Crusade 1.2 (Not Soulstorm!)

This mod includes some models and code for mods:
- Titanium Wars
- Witch Hunters
- Daemon Hunters
- Tyranids
- Ultimate Apocalypse

Some features are unusual:
- Add many new units, buildings, abilities, maps.
- Add new races.
And some features are really unusual:
- Make armies bigger.
- Add all titans.
- Make Dawn of War really epic.

Important remarks:
- It is Beta. Balance of units, weapons is not finally ready. And only you can help ZMS Mod Team to make this mod better.

You can download latest version of mod from ModDB.
- Enthusiast-creators of new models, textures and FXs for DoW.
- Corsix's Mod Studio and its creator.
- Titanium Wars, P(F)oK, Witch Hunters, Daemon Hunters, Tyranids, Dark Prophecy, Ultimate Apocalypse creators.

This mod is unofficial remake of Titanium Wars Mod, which was base for ZMS Mod.
Major part of OE-, AE- и AI-code is from Titanium Wars Mod.

Click on the banner if you want to really help the development of the ZMS Mod. Donation is an expression of gratitude and goodwill. It is completely voluntary.
If every player of the Mod would have donated at least 10$, then work on the Mod would be considerably accelerated.

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