Mod: Better wood planks texture for my Enhanced Texture mod
Here is a better version of the same wood texture as the one I included in my Enhanced texture mod. it replaces the old texture with one that is more seamless.
  File Name: hd16.rar     Author: Benjamin318
  File Size: 2.76 MB   Files Added: 6
  Downloads: 12,216 (21 last week)   Author Downloads: 45,423 (71 last week)
  Posted: 21.09.2011   Supporters: 9 (+1 Add)
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By kranazoli (SI Newbie) on Sep 24, 2011
Hi Benjamin! I've been playing (trying) DI with your HD texture pack from a couple of day. Nice work! Keep going! :) But, I found the colours too bright; too vivid; too sharp comparing with vanilla textures. And the red flowers, how can I say... :( There are a lot of red flowers mainly at the Resort map. Frustrating. I think if you can prepare some alternative flowers colours (white; yellow instead of red) and just overwrite this file would be really nice. :) Thanks, Zoli.