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Graphics Changes:

-changed fov from 62.5 to 72
-Added Depth of Field is light for realistic look
-better ssao with intense colors, dont hit your fps
-Enhanced saturation to fit ssao
-impoved motion blur like rectile movement
-enhanced bloom and sun glow, no more shiny white light
-shadows increased from 1024 to 2048
-rescaled blood splats and gibs cuts.
-fixed sun shadows without fps hit

Some gameplay changes:
-Now Zombies and humans has more HP and power
-Now Weapons are Effective by the Character Class not on wrong class
-Increased Weapons Adresses For A better RPG experience
-Firearms now are selling on two shops (Rodrigue) Act 5 and Farol Npc Seller for Purna Weapon Class
-added new shop for Episodie 3 and 4 selling firearms at high price (Balanced)
-Improved firearms mechanism for Balancing from other weps (now purna is a real firearm Class).

and more tweaks, check the readme file on the rar.

Mod versions Changes:

Version 1.0.3
-Improved Food overhaul and medikits
-Zombies Are More Stronger
-Added Level Cap from 50 to 100
-30% of game boss inclusive the final boss are Overhauled
-Improved Firearms Efficiency
-Changed fov from 75 to 72 Due to Shotgun Bug

version 1.0.4
-Fixed bugs

version 1.0.5
-Fixed Small Skills bugs

version 1.0.6
-Added New Defensive Skills for all classes
-Xian Lesser Penalty now have Melee defense by 20% per lvl
-Logan Fire is my friend skill now have 17% melee and Firearms Defense per lvl
-Samb Default Defense skills increased x2
-Purna Last boost aura 3 have 40% defense against Meele and firearms
-Improved Gameplay style with weapons now required the specified class skills to be strong
-Added two Mod version one Lan with more zombie spawns and other with default zombie spawns

New bugs:
-More Zombies only works on people that have the same mod

version 1.0.7
-Fixed Display bug
-Fixed Crash when running the game sometimes

version 1.0.8
-New Ssao postprocess
-Better Bloom
-Optimized Saturation for realistic Look
-Added final boss more hp
-Added Tweaked Skills for all classes

version 1.0.9
-added New SSAO effect
-new and Better skills for purna and logan
-Fixed Cutscenes and Character creation screen

version 1.1.0
-Improved Skills Alot
-Xian skill named "Endurance" now gives 10 defense per lvl and "lesser Penalty" 2 defense,"Sharp Training" gives 30% speed per lvl with sharp one handed weapons "Master Sharp" Gives 50% more speed with one handed sharp weapons
-Sam B skill named "Though Skin" reduces 15 defense per lvl and Expert Blunt skill gives 40% more force and "Bullet Proof" skill gives 5 defense and 5 bullet resistance
-Logan skill named "Fire is My Friend" now gives 15 defense per lvl
-Purna named Skill "Boost aura 3" gives 12 defense.
new classes for current characters:
-sam b=Tanker is Defense + Force Support Class
-Xian=Assasin is the damager with Highest Critical Chance and Speed but with low hp
-Logan=Berserker is the other support class with Hybrid Skills
-Purna=Marksman is the most damager with guns and she have very low hp
-Reworked Zombies AI,now they have more stamina they wants to bite you more and now they hits while moving,thugs now can do charge so be careful
-Improved firearms now hit on the head to do more dmg
-Added Lightning sun glows and removed shiny White Bloom

Version 1.1.1
-Fixed Unbalanced skills on purna doing permanent criticals with high lvl
-Fixed Shotgun Critical chance to a lower one because a lvl 18 can kill lvl 70 monsters with one shot
-Fixed Graphic Glitch with white Motion blur
-More balanced Skills for all classes

Version 1.1.2
-Balanced Skills for logan blunt apprentice 10% blunt dmg, sharp apprentice 10% critical chance
-Stronger Zombies because 30 - 60 lvl zombies have low hp
-Health Regeneration Rate lowered (Unkillable Sam B)
-added two options for melee crosshair, removed or default

Version 1.1.3
-Logan Defensive Skills have been changed, 10% stamina skill (Conditioning) gives 30% defense every 3 lvl defense against melee,
and (Fireproof) 30% more every lvl
-Enhanced all classes for new zombies hp
-Reduced COrruptor first boss hp from 2500% to 2000%
-Reduced Walkers Stamina Regen from 250% to 200%

Version 1.1.4
-now you can pick food types small x5 stack, medium x3 stack, and large x2 stack (Except energizer drink)
-Better Ammo Crafting 200% ammo received
-Florencio and eric on ACT 2 sells more craft parts
-kick now have a chance to smash heads
-increased chests chance to get rare weapons
-Logan Boomerang Skill increased 10% the 2 levels and the final by 30% of the default
-Added Starting Weapon (chainsaw)
-Added lvl cap for items to 80
-Added more fire Time and damage
-enhanced Explosions damage by x3
-Eric now sells chainsaw for 100K (Balanced)
-Fixed Lvl 80 Crash to desktop

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