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So this is my first public mod ever and it's not that much and its rather game breaking to a point.

I made this mod out of frustration out of always losing my Legendary Weapons from either glitchs, corruptions, or something else and so in short this is how it came to be.

Now for some reason shops only hold 3-8 orange weapons for you to purchase from what I've experienced but it will spawn them all eventually if you keep going back.

This mod replaces every current Vendor to only sell all orange legendaries, crafting items, and ammo (credits to the AK47 for everyone Mod).

Also A little Note is that Each Weapon is Level 50

-List of Weapons- (Not Complete Legendary List only ones added to Vendors)

Defender Of The Motherland - Legendary AK47

Crowd Pleaser - Spas12 Only kind in game

Mccall's 9MM - Legendary Pistol

Zed's Demise - Legendary Katana

Banisher - Legendary Hatchet

Eviscerator - Legendary Wakizashi

Assassin's Greed - Legendary Knife

Pick Of Destiny - Legendary Pick Axe

Tijuana Machete - Legendary Bolo Machete

Italian plumber - Legendary Heavy Wrench

Gabriels SledgeHammer - Legendary Sledge Hammer

Blunt Speaker - Legendary Bat

Viking Of The South - Legendary Fire Axe

Ban - Legendary Hammer

M.C. - Legendary Hammer

Two-Parter - Legendary Knuckles

Master Chef - Legendary Cleaver

Bouncer's Pal - Legendary Club

Homerun - Legendary Bat

Chainsaw - Crap

This is a simple mod and I was not up for creating anything complex since I'm lazy and I don't know how to do much in terms of modding.

This was mostly for my own enjoyment but I felt as though I ought to upload it for some reason. Yes, I do realize this takes the point out of loot and everything.


Simply Extract Legendshopmod to your DocumentsDeadIslandout folder and it will only replace your current Shops.scr if you have one.

All you have to do is extract it and over wright your out folder so it replaces your Shops.scr file.


Open DocumentsDeadIsland click the out folder then open up a folder called data then delete your Shops.scr file.

Hope you guys enjoy it and if there are any bugs let me know.

Also thanks to all the other modders who made modding Dead Island possible. We all can fix this game even if Techland doesn't even want us to play it! (i.e. last patch)

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