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Quest changes will reset your progress to the start of the current chapter, so you may wish to complete the game and start again at the beginning, or create a new character.

If you are just installing the mod, you must start a new character. This is due to changes in the skill tree structure. (DO THE PROLOGUE. It will be extremely difficult to proceed if you skip it.)

This mod increases the difficulty and options available to the player. It increases the re-playability of the game as well as the challenge level considerably.

Characters are more versatile, with a greatly expanded skill tree which enables all characters to eventually become proficient with all weapon types, while retaining the unique expertise with their preferred weapon type.

Enemies are stronger and appear in increased numbers. They are less predictable, tougher, and more aggressive. Most spawns are variable, so the same creature types may not appear each time you pass a given spot. Also, many of the variant creature types can now appear. Many enemies are resistant to certain types of damage. Armed enemies have a much greater variety of weapons.

Many existing quests have been altered.
71 new craftplans (and many older plans re-enabled and with adjusted graphics)
85 completely optional new sidequests to give the player more to do.
4 types of working armor.
10 additional healing items.
5 useable medicines.
4 additional varities of alcohol.
2 toolkits to reduce durability loss and repair costs.
278 new craftparts
16 new throwable bombs, flares, and mines.
4 additional legendary quality firearms
4 additional legendary quality melee weapons
1 new hybrid firearm
44 additional AI-useable weapons (Become standard human weapons when dropped)
3 additional Zombie variants

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