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COSTUME = Ultimate Playhouse in Palisades Mall First Floor
BOOTS = Stylin' Toddlers in Royal Flush Plaza First Floor

Download TexMod: (Very small download)

1.Once you have downloaded Texmod, Extract the ZIP

2. Boot up TexMod.EXE (If your using Vista or Windows 7, you may need admin status to use program properly)

3. The program will auto-boot up in the "Packing Mode" tab, In the top left corner you'll see a folder. Click this, and select DeadRising2.EXE (you should know your installation location)

4. Once you have the game selected, Go down a bit and you'll see a smaller folder icon, click this, and this is where you pick the mod you want to use. Go to where you downloaded the mod on your PC , and select the .TPF file.

5. Now you have the mod selected! When your ready, click "RUN", and enjoy the mod!

(Anyone is welcome to copy and paste this list above in there own TexMod reskin releases, {Thanks Wizard)

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