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Posted on 01/12/2013 14:48
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JUst awsome :)
9.0 superb
Posted on 10/26/2011 02:49
Points: 5
I just got here

Too hard; controls aren't any good and it's extremely difficult to control your character.

It's third person, which I dislike the most!
Not worth trying again or buying.
Decided to borrow from a friend, gave it back the next day.
0.2 crap
Posted on 06/18/2009 03:49
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This game is absolutely awesome...
9.5 perfect
Posted on 05/15/2009 12:40
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good game

cooooooooooooollllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9.5 perfect
Posted on 11/16/2008 12:40

overall the game is good but cant match up the alien invasion as shown in DOOM series.
option to switch to first person view should have been a plus point. inventory is limited.. the basic plasma gun is the best of all till the end!!
7.6 great
Posted on 10/25/2008 23:52
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I just got here

This is a very BORING game,there is no shocks or feeling of fear,because of the over the shoulder view,you feel like you are controlling a robot so you never feel like your in the game .Every time something jumps out at the robot I really didn't care... Read More