Desert Law Interview (PC)

Si: Hi. Can you tell us for start how do you describe Desert Law. What kind of game is it?
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Fyodor Mukin: First of all Desert Law is an interactive story. The events of the game happen in a fictional post-apocalyptic world somewhere in Arizona. One can easily get an idea of what the setting is like by reminding oneself of such movie as Mad Max 2. If we take gameplay Desert Law is closer to an RTS. At the beginning if each mission players have a defined number of units – homemade cars equipped with guns. Players have to fulfill different tasks. Along the mission each assignment is accompanied by dialogs of main characters.
Si: What kind of resource management will it offer?
Fyodor Mukin: The only resources a player has are vehicles. The main battle unit is a driver. Quite often in missions there are a lot of vehicles, but few drivers. Player’s aim in this case is to manage these resources efficiently. There are no typical RTS resources in Desert Law.
Si: Will it feature any base management with base building?
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Fyodor Mukin: There are no bases in Desert Law. Players use only the units that they were given in the beginning of a mission or sometimes within the mission.
Si: What kind of vehicles & units will it feature? What is the most powerful vehicle , unit in Desert Law and what kind of firepower does it have?
Fyodor Mukin: Almost all game units are homemade vehicles created by local fixers out of all available parts. One should not forget about a gun, a rocket launcher, a mine or a machine gun. But no flamethrowers, unfortunately. These monsters on wheels differ form another by several parameters including visibility range, top speed, shooting range and power. As is customary in RTS games these parameters are balanced. For example if a unit has a high shooting range its top speed and piercing performance won’t be very high. Among all these sci-fi vehicles there one unit in the game that can be very familiar to the majority of players – this is an ABRAMS M1 tank. It is probably the most powerful unit in the game. The main character finds it on an abandoned military base and manages to steal it from the Cubans.
Si: Will there be any special weapons types? What kind of if so?
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Fyodor Mukin: There are several weapon types. These are machine guns, guns, howitzers, rocket launchers and mines. To keep the balance each weapon has its own features and is efficient in some situations, in some not.
Si: Why post apocalyptic enviorement?
Fyodor Mukin: We are big fans of this kind of setting. Besides we didn’t want to make another World War II game. Besides, this setting offers much more freedom in terms of imagination.
Si: What is the release date?
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Fyodor Mukin: The game is scheduled for a 2005 release.
Si: Minimum and full system specs?
Fyodor Mukin: Minimum requirements are ∙ Pentium II 366 Mhz ∙ 64 Mb RAM ∙ AGP video card, Riva TNT class or higher with 8 Mb RAM Recommended requirements are ∙ Pentium III 1000 Mhz ∙ 128 Mb RAM or higher ∙ AGP video card, GeForce DDR class or higher with 32 Mb RAM
Si: Thank you for your time!
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Fyodor Mukin: Always welcome. Thank you for your questions and interest in our title!


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