Devil May Cry 4 Review (PC)

For any who are unfamiliar with the Devil May Cry universe and who haven’t quite experienced the Japanese style of high action combat before, then you’re in for some shocks. This game brings exactly the same great experience the console versions did -- as our own Xbox360 review will attest – but sprinkles in some more of the demonic mayhem with the chance for PC users to crank up the gears with even better graphics.

This review will be focusing on what Capcom have done with Devil May Cry 4 on the PC, so for a broader perspective you should check out our Xbox 360 review.

Tap into your own rigs demonic power
Be sure to give your visual ambitions a test run first

The story opens with a ‘mysterious’ assassin offing his Holiness during one of his boring sermons and it serves him right as far as I’m concerned. Not to worry though as the action soon ramps up pretty quickly as all descends into a glorious chaos that’s just itching to be put right by over-the-top sword play the series has come to embrace so well. Unfortunately the action isn’t quite as constant as perhaps the bloodthirsty demon-slayers of us would like it to be, and a lot of the time will feel rather repetitious, with navigation through the levels proving to be a bit challenging and confusing at times. Half way through the story you’ll switch from playing as Nero and will have to adjust play styles as you take control of Dante for the rest. One thing that can’t be faulted is the terrific voice acting that has gone into every character; they really bring adrenaline and fire to their performances.

Devil May Cry 4 is a beat ‘em up at heart, except it’s got a big sword and likes to flirt with a demonic flare. The first hurdle you’ll come across as a PC user is the control scheme as DMC is meant for a console audience. Experiencing the game is best served with a controller that’s preferably a clone of either the Xbox360 or PS3 – the keyboard just doesn’t feel natural and can hinder your mastery of the obscene and brutal justice you’ll be dispensing. Boss fights are literally a do or die affair so if you really want a chance at completing the new “Legendary” difficulty setting the keyboard won’t be your closest ally. Sadly there’s no room of support for the mouse from Capcom, and if you compare the freedom a controller gives you to the limitations of a keyboard for this style of game, it can almost become a Gamer May Cry affair. Controller – good, keyboard – bad.

Capcom’s new difficulty mode will happily slap around DMC veterans
A gamepad is your savoir – otherwise expect yourself to cry

Unless you’ve dabbled in the series before you’re likely to be a little shocked as to how things work in the Devil May Cry universe. You collect red orbs/blob-things as you go along which act as currency to buy items for use in the game. Also after completing levels you collect Proud Souls which basically act as experience points to be spent on levelling up your skills, which can either be short or ranged abilities but also covers things like being able to run and not just jog – considering the size and length of some levels I would really suggest getting this one asap. If you feel a little lazy though, or haven’t a clue what’s best to get early on then the game can be set to automatically improve the character for you depending on your style of play.

The graphics are definitely the greatest change you’ll come to admire especially if your rig is sporting some mighty hardware as you can really crank up the settings. They’ve even added a system performance test to the main menu so you can check out your tweaks without having to load up a level with the possible horror of a crippling frame rate, to then struggle through the clicks of shame as you scampered back and reduce the workload. The environments and the character models really outshine their console counterparts and with the resolutions on offer the clarity is fantastic, especially during the cut scene extravaganzas, of which there are plenty as the game can now handle frame rates of up to 120 a second.

The game is given greater life on the PC with more modes
Nero’s Devil Bringer move will become your new best friend

The new “Legendary Dark Knight Mode” mode is designed with the hardcore fans of DMC at heart as foes try to drown you throughout the levels though admittedly the hardcore fan base would probably be on the consoles, not the PC. Other alterations are mostly with moving around some of the bad guys or bad ‘things’ you’ll be facing. Of course you could just go crazy and hurl yourself into Turbo mode where things get, well, rather turbo as the action cranks up.

Overall the game is a fantastic addition to the PC and it’s great to see Capcom continuing to bring their latest catalogue to this platform. It would be difficult to really get away with calling this a complete port to the PC as while the control scheme suffers if you’ve no gamepad at hand; the meat of the game is clearly at home the moment it’s installed.

Top Game Moment:
Aside from ‘buying’ the run ability – it would have to be slapping the demon frog boss around. Yeah that’s right I said demon frog boss.



By zanx (SI Newbie) on Jul 31, 2008
This game is simply AWESOME :D
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Aug 05, 2008
Looks a bit too Final Fantasy for my tastes. Each to his own...
By satorn (SI Veteran Member) on Sep 15, 2008
well the game seems ok but I don't like the fantasy games .
By senecaz (SI Newbie) on Feb 28, 2009
this game has a great graphic quality the main character reminds me of cloud in the final fantasy. the game play looks more like god of war. but i must say the game is really cool.
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Mar 01, 2009
Yeah. The graphics are amazing. And everything is running very smooth, even on low end PCs. My favorite boss is the flaming centaur, Baerial, the devil. :D And the Devil Bringer works so good on this one (not as good as on the last boss - the big one). :)
By slaythat (SI Veteran Member) on Apr 15, 2009
Plug in your gamepad and brace yourself: Devil May Cry 4 on the PC is every bit the equal of the console versions.

The Good:
Extraordinary action sequences Nero is a great new character with some terrific new moves Beautiful visuals and incredible cutscenes will constantly amaze you Boss characters are designed well and fun to fight A couple of fun modes that are exclusive to the PC version .
The Bad:
You need a gamepad if you want the proper experience Environments and boss fights are repeated far too often Puzzles and platforming aren't much fun and chop up the pace too muc