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Author: Mordor_XP

The hallmark of The Hell is a very serious approach to development. First and foremost, it is concentrated on getting rid of all the initial bugs of Diablo & Hellfire. It also raises challenge considerably, gives much more variety (monsters, items, spells, boss monsters, unique items, item & environment colors), improves overall difficulty balance of the game, improves monster AI, introduces new character animations, increases replay value and gives full support for Multiplayer experience. It is the HARDEST of Diablo Hellfire mods. Nowadays we have version 1.68+ and it's fully functional, has many bugs of original game fixed, is running smooth, and on average is working way better than original game. The amount of changes are tremendous (trust me), part of them are available in Changes Log file inside archive.


+ [1.69_RC1] Pepin now gives 'Soulhaven' as a reward for completing Tainted Water Supply quest;
+ Pepin's speech about completing Tainted Water Supply corrected;
+ [1.69_RC2] Grizwold now gives 'Warrior's Band' as a reward for completing Magic Rock quest;
+ Grizwold's speech about completing Magic Rock quest;
+ Empyrean Axe improved;
+ Updated _HellModNotes. By the way, now they'll be updated with each new update of 'The Hell';
+ ReadMe update (HUN);

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