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Author; Mordor_XP

Our mod was started on April 14, 2006 and since then has been in permanent

The first playable (public) version was released in 2007, somewhere in April.

The Hell multilanguage-homepage is here:

We have forums also, here:

The Hell is not just a mod, it's almost an expansion of Hellfire: it improves
Hellfire and on top of that adds a megaton of other features that improve the
game further.

If Hellfire gameplay time was around 40-50 hours for finishing Hell mode, The
Hell will take you a lot longer. Presumably, 2-4 months to beat Doom mode with
one character (in multiplayer mode). If you start all 6 classes, it will take
you more than a year :)

The game is frequently updated. We're looking for ASM programmers. If you're
one of them and think you could assist us, contact me. Also, I'd be happy to
hear from people who can compose music for the game.

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