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Our mod was started on April 14, 2006 and since then has been in permanent development.

It is BIG.
It has a megaton of IMPROVEMENTS over original game.
And even more BUGFIXES.
It resurrects secret QUESTS that Blizzard didn't release in final version of Diablo.
It gives you endless hordes of monsters and a neverending flow of items.
Any other mod for Diablo 1 compared to it, is a joke.
I guarantee it.

The Hell multilanguage-homepage is here:

We have forums also, here:

If Hellfire gameplay time was around 40-50 hours for finishing Hell mode, The Hell will take you a lot longer. Presumably, 2-4 months to beat Doom mode with one character (in multiplayer mode). If you start all 6 classes, it will take you more than a year :)

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