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Diablo II Cheats & Codes

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Cacophony of Sound During gameplay, press enter. Then type: SOUNDCHAOSDEBUG to hear an uproar of voices and sounds. To turn it off, type it again.
Tougher Enemies If you want to play against tougher enemies, press ENTER, type "players 8" and then press ENTER again. Now you'll play as if there are 8 players in the game, making the enemies tougher. Doing this can make things very hard at times, but it's a great way to quickly level up early on in the game.
Unloack "Cow Level" First, finish the game. Then when you have the Horadaric Cube, obtain "Wert's Leg" in Tristram (where you go to rescue Deckhard Cain). Go to the northwest part of the town and search the boy's body. Place both Wert's leg and a Tome of Town Portal in the Horadaric Cube, and it will open a portal to a hidden level filled with axe carrying cows. Do not go through the portal until you are over level 35 because the cows are quite numerous and strong.

Diablo II Hints, Tips

Run game in a window
To run the game in a window on your desktop, enter "-w" at the command line.

So, if you have a shortcut on the deskop you will want to put the code in this way:

"C:\Program Files\Diablo2\Diablo2.exe" -w

NOTE: The directory where the game is installed will vary from computer to computer. Also, be sure to put the -w in after the quotes.
Easy Way to Up Gems
If you have a particular gem that you wish to increase (such as raising a chipped ruby to a flawed ruby) then this trick is for you.

1. Find a gem shrine, but dont click on it.
2. Then put the gem that you wish to increase in your inventory, but make sure no other gems are present in you inventory. It would even be smart to remove any items that you are wearing that contain gems.
3. Then when you have everything above finished click on the gem shrine.
4. The gem that you had in your inventory will be on the ground but it will be increased .

For example: If you had a flawed ruby in you inventory and you clicked on the gem shrine, you flawed ruby will be changed into a ruby!
Save Yourself From Certain Death
If you are about to die and have no Potions, simply press ESC, then Save and Exit the game. When you boot up again, you'll find yourself in the safety of the town. Now you can buy health, repair items and go to a more manageable location to gain levels.
Claim Your Items After Death
Normally when you die, your corpse will remain where you croaked, surrounded by whatever killed you. To avoid this, after you die Save and Exit the game. Now your corpse and possessions can be picked up in the safety of the town.
Meat Diablo
Here's a way to "meat" (cheese) Diablo to death. You will need to do some preparation and have the ability to Life Steal (the more the better, but at least 15%) and maximum Lightning Resistance. Maneuver Diablo into a corner so you can swing at him easily and both abilities should let you kill Diablo with ease.
Do It Yourself Gem Upgrade
If you want to upgrade your gems (and skulls too) but don't know where a gem shrine is, try this: gather three similar gems (ie: three chipped diamonds) and place them in the Horadic Cube. Hit the transmute and you now have one flawed gem. Place three flawed gems inside, transmute, and you get one full gem. Place three full gems inside and get a flawless gem.
Better shield defense
Put perfect amethysts in your shield to raise its defense. For example, getting an ancient shield with three perfect amethysts will add 86 to the defense.
Unlimited one way portal
Cast a Town Portal from a safe location, then take the portal into town. Use the waypoint system and run to get back to your last location. This allows you to use the portal to go back into town an unlimited number of times as long as you do not use it from town to return to where you were previously.
Select the regular attack (resembles an arrow) for both of your action icons. Then, hold [Shift] + Left Mouse Button. With those held, move your cursor around the character and he or she will spin. The faster you circle your character, the faster they will spin.
Gain money and items quickly
Travel past the Blood Moor and look for a cave. The cave has two levels, with a golden chest somewhere at the second level. Inside are usually health potions, scrolls of town portal identified or unidentified weapons and armor, and sometimes even a rare item that can be sold for a great deal of money. If you identify the item and it is something that you do not want, sell it. Save and exit the game. The next time the game is loaded, the chest will still be there with different items. This can be done as many times as needed.
Extra Soulstone
To get an extra "Mephisto's soulstone" do the following:
First, kill Mephisto in act 3. Second, pick up his soulstone. Third, go to the river of flame in act 4. Fourth, Kill "Hephasto the armorer". Fifth, pick up the hellforge hammer. Sixth, Place "Mephisto's soulstone" on the hellforge WITHOUT HAVING IDENTIFIED THE HELLFORGE HAMMER! Seventh, take a town portal. Eighth have Cain to identify the hellforge hammer. Now you will now have an extra "Mephisto's soulstone" in your inventory though the original one will still be on the hellforge.
Super Rejuvenation Potion Creation
Place three rejuvenation potions into the Horadric cube and transform them into a super rejuvenation potion.
Whirlwind Lock
(Only Barbarians can use) While using whirlwind, press shift and dont let go of the mouse button. It keeps you in whirlwind and uses less mana and you can move to a safe location while hacking through your enemies at the same time.