Cheats & Hints

Disciples II: Servants of the Dark Cheats & Codes

Press Enter then type in these codes:

Code: Description:
moneyfornothing 9999 Mana and Gold
borntorun Reset party movement points to full
help! Heal entire party
jump All party members gain exp
stairwaytoheaven All party members level up
lifeisacarnival Revive units
anotherbrickinthewall Allow buildings in the capital
givepeaceachance Peace with all countries
badtothebone War with all countries
cometogether Alliance with all countries
wearethechampions Win mission
loser Lose mission
herecomesthesun Full map
paintitblack Hide map
allalongthewatchtower Know units w/in enemy cities and generals
invisibletouch AI ignores you
letsdothetimewarpagain Advance a day