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Bethesda announces free Dishonored "The Drunken Whaler" MP3 for free, remix contest

Posted: 17.09.2012 by JonahFalcon

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Bethesda has released the full MP3 download for Dishonored's rendition of "The Drunken Sailor" (which is paraphrased as "The Drunken Whaler") for free. Gamers interested in the MP3 can download it here.

Second Dishonored developer diary looks at Immersion

Posted: 11.09.2012 by JonahFalcon

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Arkane Studios has released their developer diary for the first person stealth game Dishonored. The dev diary, titled "Immersion", details the creative process that went into building the world and characters of Dunwall, from the city setting to its strange steampunk atmosphere to the Hollywood cast voicing its characters.

Dishonored dev: players "hungry" for new kind of game

Posted: 11.09.2012 by Nakerman

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During a live demo of Dishonored, executive producer Julian Roby was asked if he agreed with EA Labels President Frank Gibeau, who said that new IPs shouldn't be launched later in a console's cycle.

Dishonored won't include space marines, elves or wizards

Posted: 29.08.2012 by Nakerman

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Arkane's Harvey Smith spoke to journalists at Gamescom 2012, while also showcasing the latest Dishonored trailer.

Gamescom 2012: Day Three

Posted: 19.08.2012 by JustCommunication

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Someone put the kettle on.