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Shrapnel Games and Illwinter Game Design would like to announce that version 3.17 of Dominions 3: The Awakening is now available for immediate download! What treasures might one find in it? Let us look...

New and cool stuff including...

* Three new nations! Hinnom, giants of primordial times. Ashdod, descendents of the Nephililim. Gath, humans led by the last of the giants.

* New spell: Manifest vitriol. Summon the green lion of alchemy! Warning, if the green lion remains erect for more than four hours please contact--oh wait, that's Manifest Viagra, which isn't in this patch.

* Shattered Souls: Tartarians are insane and might act randomly (and probably won't be doing any random acts of kindness).

* Some new longdead graphics.

* New modcommands: #specialllok, #hero6

* New events!

Bug and gameplay balance changes...

* Twiceborn no longer makes demons immortal.

* Hidden in Sand and Hidden in Snow spell descriptions fixex.

* Shamblers cost reduction.

* Some unit stat fixes.

* Voice of Apsu/Tiamat restricted to own provinces.

* Astral/fire shield was overvalued by AI and sometimes overruled scripted spells.

* Recruitment queues were not cleared when castle was conquered.

* Seduction order could be copied to ordinary commanders.

* A non-flying seducer could flee with their victim to an underwater province where they both drowned. Don't ya hate when that happens?

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