Cheats & Hints

Doom 3 Cheats & Codes

Bring the console up and type the following Doom 3 codes in:

Code: Description:
God God mode
NoTarget No Target (doesn't seem to work)
NoClip No Clip
give weapon_machinegun Machinegun
give weapon_shotgun Shotgun
give weapon_plasmagun Plasmagun
give weapon_bfg BFG
give weapon_chainsaw Chainsaw
give weapon_rocketlauncher Rocket Launche


Doom 3 Trainers, Cheats Downloads

Name: Size:
+9 Trainer 26 KB Download it! (+2 Trainer) 12 KB Download it!
1.1 (+5 Trainer) by Savloure 12 KB Download it!
Upgrade Pack by Revelation 12 KB Download it!
Nightmare Fix by FFF 12 KB Download it!
+14 Trainer by Sheep 12 KB Download it!
+9 Trainer by PizzaDox 12 KB Download it!