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Map Name: Omega Labs
Author: Scott Baker AKA Sythen

You have been sent out to find out what catastrophys have happened
at the new UAC Omega Labs. It is your objective to keep whatevers in
there from getting out, and this Objective is classified..

Place Labs.pk4 in your Doom3/Base directory, then open Doom 3
and open the console (Ctrl+Alt+Tilda) and type "Map Labs"
without the "".

Tips: Read the PDA E-Mails,

This is my first full map so it's not much. I would like if possible to get
critique from the Players who play my map. To give Critique look at the Contact

Please do not use this map or host it without permission from it's owner Scott Baker.
This will be apart of a trilogy and must not be distrubuted without owner's permission.

Map Made by Scott Bakerr AKA Sythen

Kathaarsis from forums for Helping me with some problems
that I was having..


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