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Release Information

Map Name: Serengrove
Completed: 2 December 2007
Author: Andrew Hill
Doom3 World Profile: Horror

Installation & Play

Step 1 - Install Doom 3 (updating to patch 1.3.1 would also be recommended)
Step 2 - Copy serengrove.pk4 to your Doom 3/base directory.
Step 3 - Load up Doom 3 and hold CTRL + ALT + ~ to pull down the console.
Step 4 - Type and enter: map serengrove

Note: Doom 3 does not have selectable widescreen resolutions available in the game menu. If you are using a widescreen then you can correct this by right-clicking your Doom 3 shortcut and under the Shortcut tab entering the following string into the target text field:

"C:\Program Files\Doom 3\DOOM3.exe" +r_fullscreen 1 +r_mode -1 +r_customwidth 1280 +r_customheight 768 +vid_restart +g_fov 100

This will prevent the screen from stretching. If you did not install Doom 3 into the default program files directory then you will need to change the above file path accordingly. You can also adjust the 1280 X 768 resolution to a widescreen setting of your choice.

Welcome to Serengrove

"The night has grown dark and cold by the time you arrive at the fortress city of Serengrove. Wind and dark shadows are all that occupy the empty streets in absence of the usual bustling activity. The fortress walls stand unguarded, merchant's wares lie abandoned at the Western Gates, and the foul stench of decay lingers in the cool midnight breeze."

Greetings, and thankyou for taking the time to have a look at my work! Serengrove is a Tudor themed map for Doom3 with lots of custom models, textures, animations, sounds and nasty surprises. I hope you have as much fun trying to survive this map as I did making it.

Useful console commands for play and testing

god - Player takes no damage
give all - Enable all weapons with maximum ammo and armour.
noclip - Use this command to walk through walls. Note that using this may mean that the player skips past important triggers required to make the level function correctly.
notarget - Monsters will not attack the player unless triggered, spawned, or attacked.
r_showportals 1 - Displays visportals. Visportals prevent the engine from loading unnecessary geometry that is obstructed and out of the player's site. Green portals are open, red portals are closed.
r_showtris 1 - "1" Displays all triangles that are within the player's site. "2" displays all triangles within the open visportals. "3" displays all triangles, obstructed or not. "0" will disable triagles.


Working on Serengrove has taken up much of my spare time over the last few months, but it is finally finished and ready for play. Special thanks to Doom3 World and the entire Doom3 community for helping me make this map as good as it could be. The devil only knows where I'd be on this project without the vast quantity of tutorials and helpful forum members.

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