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Map: Coeptus
__________________... by aphexjh a.k.a John Henry ...______________

This is a multiplayer map designed for all multiplayer modes of play and contains all weapons.
players 2-16

Install: put the zip folder (coeptus.pk4) in your doom 3 base folder. if you dont know where that is, its most likely in your program files, inside a folder called Doom 3. and then put it in the subfolder "base".
When you've done this the path should read C:/Program Files/Doom 3/base/coeptus.pk4 (except the slashes will be backwards).

agreement: This coeptus.pk4 is my creative property. Coeptus.pk4 and its contents are only permitted for inclusion in other works and/or redistribution with my written consent.
You can contact me, for consent or other reasons, at: aphexjh(a)

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