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Hellwave seems to hav many fans in our community.
That for we modified some custom DM maps to run this gametype.

The new maps are :

"ViaVGA" by Borg,
"Deep Sea Researche" by Zombie and
"H8Tourney" by Freilos.

For smart map update, setup autodownload on your OC server. Just copy/pase this code to your server.cfg before "spawnServer" .

net_serverdownload "2"
net_serverDlBaseURL ""
net_serverDlTable "opencoop/ochw_viavga.pk4;opencoop/ochw_z13dm2.pk4;opencoop/ochw_h8tourney.pk4"

Deep Sea Researche and H8Tourney uses our "security" playermodel, take a look on the enhanced security model with shoulderpads and our colorskin.

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