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The stonewoods

File: TOFd3dm03.pk4
Author: Tom on Fire {KAN}
Game: Doom3
Gametypes: TeamDM


Itīs a very dark and atmospheric map, a forest at night, owls screeching in the treetops. The ground is hardly lit and the tree trunks disapear in the night sky.

Every player is followed by a small sphere, lighting the way with a spotlight. The light can be shot, but it will return...

For the EMZ mod seems to be a bit brighter in general, the main light will be set to a darker color, when the map loads.


Place the pk4 in the 'base' folder of the Doom3 directory.

To play the map without joining a dedicated server that runs the map, enter the multiplayer menu and click on 'create a server'. Choose your gametype and select the map 'The stonewoods'. Click on 'create multiplayer game server' to launch the server.


Bugs - Contact:

Sometimes a weapon spawns a light, but it doesnīt affect the gameplay.
No other bugs known.

To report Bugs or contact me, use the following e-mail adress:

Visit our forum:

Used software

-Doom3 Radiant
-MS Excel

Credits / Copyright

Thanks to anyone taking the time to write tutorials on DoomEdit or blender.
Thanks to id software for the SDK.

All contents of this pk4 may be used for others to build their own maps, if credit is given. All models saved in this pk4 were build by the author with blender.

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