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Well here is my map from the Annihilation mod. I made soem modifications since 4.0 and i must say it worked out quite nicely.
This is my first attempt at a Multiplayer map. This map is recommended for Tourney or Team Deathmatch. I tried to make the setting
take place in an abandoned lab and it worked out somewhat nicely.

Bugs: There are no bugs at this time i currently know of, if you find any e-mail me at

Credits: To Voodoobenshee for the awsome and i mean AWSOME skybox. Darth (tester) said he wanted to make love to it.
Also to darth my tester for wanting to make love to the awsome skybox.

Also there is a secret in the sublevel, see if you can find it ;).

Depending on how this map does i will continue to make updates for it and, maybe change it around a little. Also, there are still some things from
Annihilation 3.0 - Annihilation 4.0.

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