Doom 3, review by Greekraven

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A great sequel to the original. Graphics, sound, and game play are all excellent.
Doom 3 is a great sequel to the original game. In Doom 3 you get a lot more of the story line then in any of the previous game, which is great because it basically fills in all the story line gaps from back in the 90's.
The graphics in this game are excellent, the levels are very detailed and there is a lot of interaction with objects in the maps. The game sound is also top notch, if you have surround sound make sure you crank it up so that you can hear anything creeping up on you from behind.
Doom 3 is also designed to scare you. When you least expect it, something will jump out of in between stairs, run past a window or down a hall. Most of the time these things don't actually hurt you, but they definitely make you jump back in your computer chair for a second.
If you haven't played it yet, download the demo now! I guarantee that you will be headed to Wal-Mart for the full game later tonight.
Posted on 07/07/2007 12:11
8.9 superb