Doom 3, review by vEtErAn

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I'll give DOOM 3 8.4% it's one of my favourite games and it'll always be! The reason for 8.4%... The graphics is amazing for DOOM 3 it even out macthes some of todays games especially in shadow details very few really matches DOOM 3 when it comes to shadow quality!

I love supernatural games like DOOM and Jericho I enjoy shooting the hell out of monsters/daemons from the deepest pits of hell so DOOM also gets a rating from me for the story (Even though the character never speaks) and the gameplay which I still enjoy today!

For those of you who would like to test DOOM 3 to the ultimate download the "True Survival" mod for DOOM 3 and put your skills to the test against Hells elite spawn on Nightmare difficulty (Remember to load the "TS" mod first)

"Lock your door"
"Turn off the lights"
"Turn up the sound"
"Enjoy DOOM_3"
Posted on 05/08/2008 02:55
8.4 superb