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New Features of the New Vortex_NG v3.0 !

This small mod makes the BFG weapon not only to throw enemies, but now also to drag or throw any moveable object around the fireball that is launched by the BFG weapon, this is a clone of the DMG (Dark Material Gun) weapon present in Quake IV !!!

Also it explodes/burns any barrel that are full of fuel or toxic waste that the fire launched by this NEW BFG encounters at they're pass !

To install simply drag the Vortex folder to Doom 3 folder, not base !

Old docs by FireDemon666

This is version 2.0 of the BFG vortex. This includes a small script modification that prevents the vortex from sucking in monsters with over 1000 health. Simpley put, unless you have some sort of mod pack installed, anything more powerful than a hellknight will NOT be sucked into the vortex. This of course means the problems with the vortex ragdolling boss monsters has been fixed :). Full credit for the creation the BFG Vortex still goes to the original authors such as mwoody, soulfoot, and floodanxiety. Thank you soulfoot for allowing me to release the perfected code and version 2. Perfection of the code was done by FireDemon666, but for the main part I really should not take any credit for this. For it was pbmax who held my hand through the whole ordeal and just about wrote the script for me. Technically my first mod. I thanks you for your help.


Since I am not the creator of this mod, it is not up to me on what you can do witn it. However get in touch with soulfoot through and I am sure he will allow you to use it. Or if you are having trouble finding him contact me and I will ask him for you. For any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact me at the address below.

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