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DungeonDoom 8.2 6/24/07
Leif Dehmelt --


-a Windows based PC capable to run standard Doom3 fluently.
-Doom3 full version 1.3.1

To run:

- start the automatic installer, follow the onscreen
- Select Difficulty, adjust preferences in Options, select
your name
- Click 'new game'
- Consult DungeonDoom-manual.pdf for detailed instructions.

new is version 8.2:

- two new monsters: rocket zsecs and jetpack fatty zombies

- more variability in wilderness

- townportal scroll

- improved villager AI

- instant carnage reports

- checkpoint based save system - quicksaving/menu based
saving disabled

- new mainmenu

Feature list:

- Extensive role-playing game features including character
development, story-line progression, optional quests,
good vs evil alignment, experience, gold, inventory and
regular as well as magically enhanced equipment.

- Procedural generation of the DungeonDoom game world and
randomized monster spawning makes every adventure unique!
You will never know in advance, what you will face in a
game of DungeonDoom!

- Five player classes: Fighter, Psi-Fighter, Supernatural,
Cardmaster and Ninja with varying abilities to wield
weapons, execute combos, use magical skills or use of
magical card decks.

- Custom monster types including gelatinous cubes, poison
molds, mesmerizing ironmaidens and katana-wielding

- Numerous monster variations, including enhanced monsters
with special abilities such as paralysis, blinding,
poisoning, teleporting, invisibility, spawning, confusion,
shields, self-healing, item destruction and special effect

- Three alternative game modes for optional instant action or
extended adventure gameplay experiences.

- Traditional first-person and optional overhead third-person
camera modes.

- 4 adjustable light levels with optional ambient lighting.

Tips for survival in the dungeon:

To gain experience and gold more quickly, look for challenges
offered by npcs in the overworld. Satisfy their requests by
meeting the objective in the indicated dungenlevel. Retrieve
your reward by returning to the questgiver. Depending on the
gameplay variant (Short, Medium or Long) teleporters will be
available at certain levels (for example at every forth level
in the short gameplay variant). The teleporter will transport
you back to the overworld, where items can be stocked up for
further progression through the dungeon. Be sure to prepare
yourself well when you descend into the dungeon. Take enough
ammo and potions to survive to get to the next teleporter.

Detailed Feature list

unless noted otherwise, features were implemented by
the primary mod author hellborg

1 Features exclusively implemented for DungeonDoom:

1.1 Gameplay and map geometry:

-procedural generation of complex dungeon systems
-procedural generation of landscapes, trees and
additional foliage
-random placement of monsters based on game
-dynamic story script influenced by the players
-city localities including shop functionality and
optional quests
-optimized procedural map portalizataion and
pathfinding features by TinMan
-optional thirdperson overhead view
-traps which cause damage or other effects

1.2 Player specific features:

-extensive, detailed RPG-style status, inventory and
equipment systems
-unique magic user character classes, which learn
and improve class-specific skills
-unique card-master class which adds strategic,
collecible card style gameplay
-unique ninja class which adds various sword-type

1.3 New 3d models and articulated figures:

-Gelatinous cube
-Ironmaiden monsters
-various sword-type weapons for the ninja class
-hills and foliage models
-Skeleton variations (derived from original Doom3

1.4 Monster specific features:

-unique monster abilities, including invisibility,
teleportation, poisoning, paralysis, mesmerization
-unique monster AI modifications including fleeing
and group attacks
-randomly generated "unique" powerful wizards that
can master multiple special abilities
-magically summoned pet pinky that helps the player
by TinMan

1.5 Other features:

-compiled executables for Windows
-compiled executables for MacOSX (non-Intel Mac only)
by Strider
-musical score ( by hellborg)

2 Features derived from community made Doom3 content:

2.1 New 3d models and articulated figures:

-the shambler monster* by obihb
-the larch* by comblood
-the insane guy* by comblood
-torch model by OBWANDO**

2.2 Gameplay and map geometry:

-original maze generation code* and original map*
by Martin 'mwoody' Woodards

2.3 Graphical and Shader effects:

-iridescent shader* by John Rittenhouse
-wireframe shader* by John Rittenhouse
-environment map* by speedy

* this content was provided to the Doom3 modding community
and inclusion into any mod was granted if proper credit
is given and/or the readme file and full archive are
included in the distribution.

** this content was provided by request and inclusion in the
DungeonDoom mod was granted if proper credit is given.

Summary of External Credits:

-original maze generation code and original map: Martin
'mwoody' Woodards (mzm AT mwoody DOT com)

-aas, visportals and pet pinky (TinMan).

-torch models (OBWANDO)

-shambler (obihb)

-larch and insane guy (comblood)

-dungeondoom theme (

-environment map (speedy)

-iridescent and wireframe shaders (John Rittenhouse)

-current beta testers: vcatkiller, threehams, jehar
spikeylozenge, dragoon and disasterpiece

-previous beta testers: mbolus, retroboy, jizaboz, duff,
sirt, doomrpg and audiocraz and all contributers for many tips and bits
of code.

-Participants of the DungeonDoom Developer Forum for various
feature suggestions and additional testing contributions.


This modification may be freely distributed as is without
removing or editing of any of the contents. If you want to
include any of the contents of this modification in your own
work, you have to contact me first. The contents of this
modification is provided as is. I do not take responsibility
for any damage that may result, either directly or indirectly, from this modificatio

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