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TRSGM's Gears of War-style Blood Spatter

I got a copy of GoW for Windows as a Christmas present, and as anyone who's ever played the game can tell you,
that chainsaw bayonet is pretty badass. Makes me wish Doom's worked like that. At any rate, the spatter effect
you get on the camera's pretty sweet too, and since Doom does a similar thing when you get hit I figured I'd
take the ball id dropped and run with it. So, after a hack hack here and a hack hack there, here a tweak, there
a tweak, everywhere another goddamn unused reference, I got this. Interestingly enough, I located earlier versions
of the damage blob materials that actually had a similar effect already set up-- however they were commented out
and were missing some critical mask textures. It would appear my work was similar to the original damage blob effect
but it was cut, possibly due to performance and/or texture memory limitations. With modern hardware, however, the
effect is actually quite cheap and is appearing in everything from Clive Barker's Clive Barker's Jericho by Clive
Barker to Gears, where it's more commonly seen/known. Bonus points if you get the Zero Punctuation reference. If you
don't, Google it and watch 'em. You can thank me later. [/shamelessplug]

Copy the enclosed pak file into \base or a mod folder, renaming it if another file exists with the same number.
The mod uses an edited file and as such will conflict with any other mods that change it. You can
append the stuff pretty easily, as is the case with the ShinyBluds mod I released a short while ago, merely open
up my file, search for 'screenBlood' and copy all entries that reference it over to the other mod's file. Save it and update the mod .pak, or just stick it the \materials folder in the mod. Enjoy.

Delete the enclosed pak file from the mod or /base directory. If you edited another mod, get a hold of the original file from that release and update the .pak or remove the file from the /materials folder, if
you did it that way.

Works with most other mods I've seen, aside from the conflict. Resolution instructions are located above,
not rocket science, IMHO. Works great with the widely popular Chromatic Dispersion mod! (enabled in screenshots)

If any other decals look off if you have this mod enabled, please let me know; I was also working on making relief/parallax
mapped bullet holes, and it didn't quite come out as intended. I reverted as best I could. I was using some custom decal
textures and the blend modes might not match those for the unmodified varieties. I can provide fixes if needed. Haven't
noticed any oddities on my end, though. Common symptoms of this problem are black rectangles.

Oh, and sorry, no spatter from you shooting/chainsawing enemies at close range. I'm pretty sure this can be done, but I haven't
the faintest how to do that. The imp getting shotgunned was thrown in because it looked really badass, not because it demonstrated
how you can get blood n' guts on your face in close quarters.

-Mod Usage-
As is the case with all my public releases, feel free to include this in your project or improve upon my work, I merely
ask for some credit for the time I spent tinkering and cursing to get my ideas to work correctly. Now get crackin' :)

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