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Xmod v1.2 for Doom 3 by Dafama.


A Xmod based on previous Xmas mod with new features and random spawning zombies/demons and random
sounds and fx.


v1.2 -Xmas mod transformed into Xmod.
-Removed Xmas things, but added scary things.
-Added random zombies/demons spawn. (Thanx to Mausus Atlas, creator of Double mods for this.)
-Added random sounds and fx. (Thanx to Mausus Atlas, creator of Double mods for this.)
-Fixed bugs, removed tweaked doors on some sp maps.

v1.1 -Updated & fixed second release.
-Fixed some zombies ragdolls problems that can crash the computer.
-Updated some zombies skins and lights for Fat, Maint, Maint_Flashlight, Bernie and Boney.
-Newer weapon chainsaw with light ON/OFF.
-Doom music added on weapon chainsaw.
-Replaced the weapon shotgun with (a enhanced) weapon_shotgun_double.
-This mod uses Xena and Simpson fire lights. ;)
-Corpses and Body parts stay more, uses better models and with better sounds.
-Powered up the weapons, now this is non stop action fps mod in skill 3 !
-Better fx and push for some weapons.

v1.0 -Initial public release.
-Enemies attack npcs (other humans) first, so you will need to take care of himselves from them.
-NEW updated NG Shaders, i am very proud of this.
-Monsters and weapons have some NEW FX, particles and decals.
-Chromatic Heat Haze effect thanks to TheRealSceneGraphManager's good work.
-Changed A.I. on some demons and zombies.
-Xmas special things, of course.
-Different lightning for fire and similar kind of lights.
-Scary effect; this mod is scary and will take by surprise more than one.
-Different good sounds.
-Other things i don't want to say, discover them by yourself...

To do...:

Add random zombies and demons using tweaked Double mod (by Mausus Atlas) routines ?
Feedback is very welcome, as always...

Useful tricks...:

Use the kp_slash key to put the gfx modes to your taste.


This mod uses amazing TheRealSceneGraphManager's NEW (tweaked) Chromatic Dispersion Special FX !


v1.0 - Initial release. (Includes very latest re-enhanced NG shaders !)

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