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Unofficial GTX v1.6 for both D3 & ROE.

This a mod updated by Dafama2k7 and based on latest GTX mod made originally by Gyppi.
This work is unsupported by Gyppi, that said, i will support this mod like always, so, no problem.

All the original files in this mod are made by Gyppi and now modded by me, also i have added some files made by me, like the
Shaders, particles, fx and tweaked or made by me like the scripts and defs.


v1.6 - Unofficial initial public version.


DooM 3: G T X GO D3 _& ROE v1.6 by Gyppi and now updated by Dafama.

For more info, visit:

ATTENTION!!! This version of GTX is only compatible with Doom3 version 1.3 for windows and Doom3 1.3 for MacOS.

2)How to install/uninstall the mod
3)Credits and contact information

0)NEW Features
NEW GTX GO for D3 & ROE v1.6 fixes mounted flashlights issues, weapons scripts bugs, more damage for plasmagun,
more Special FX and dynamic lights for all weapons, better A.I. for monsters, same updated version for both D3 & ROE,
new shaders for both ATI & NVidia (toggle between them with KP_SLASH key), better particles effects and better
Sound FX and small generic bug fixes.

GTX is a powerful graphic evolution of Doom3.

Bloom shader;
Parallax mapping;
RealMetal Ex;
Weapons Reflection;
Distance Grow;
Simple effect like sparks;
Floor Reflection.

This mod is developed for run on the standard Doom3 campaign and on custom SP/MP Maps.

2)How to install/uninstall the mod:

Extract the "GTX" folder from the zip file in your Doom3 folder, run the game and chose "Doom 3: G T X GO v1.6" from the mod menu.

You need only to delete the folder "GTX" in your Doom3 path.

3)Credits and contact information:

Main Developer:

MacOS Beta Tester & Compiler:

Windows Beta Tester:
Hexen Third

Other help by:
Junkguy for Parallax
Santaclaws for the original Bloom Shader
Use_less for the new Bloom Shader for D3 1.3
theRev (aka Rayne)

Mod's Web site:
My E-Mail: gyppi AT libero DOT it

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