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Ambient D3 v1.0 by Dafama (17-02-2008).


This mod creates a very low ambient light that doesn't cast shadows around the player, this light normally almost can't be seen, but when you are in a really dark place, like for example Alpha Labs 2 or Delta 3, you will notice that the normally full black darkness is replaced by a almost dark, but not black ambient, creating a more realistic environment light in my humble opinion, the mod is not a perfect solution to eradicate the 100% black darkness, but it's worth a try, doesn't it ?

Version history...:

v1.0 - First public release.


Maybe a kind of blueish night style light color ¿?


Simple copy the mod's folder into the Doom 3 directory and execute one of the .cmd files or run Doom 3 and select the mod from the mods list.

Special thanks to...:

============= YAFM-HL v0.907 ===============
** Yet Another Flashlight Mod - Headlight **
by CHaSE ***** 30.09.2004

Without his mod and his great scripting skills i will not be able to create this mod and others.

Thanks also goes to Ice Trey to point me to use this mod as a base for mods like this and they're amazing Trey CCSM mod and his original sounds !

Thanks also to Hfx_Rebel for his very good work on D3files pages, making this the most succesfull D3 website.

And of course to all the D3 users outthere making this game the number one to scare friends and play non stop !

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