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OpenCoop is a cooperative multiplayer modification for Doom³.

Up to 4 Players can fight over Lan or Internet the Id Software campaing, the Addon "Ressurection Of Evil" or one of 42 custommaps as InHell or ClassicDoom for example.

You can customise you playermodel with 13 individual heads and tint your amor over a colorslider.

Every player can pick up weapons and armor once. Collected health from medpacks or heathstations goes into a heathpool, where you take HP from when respawning after dying.

The AI got tweaked to act smarter with multiply attackers and the strength scales depending on the number of players.

In "Hellwave" gametype you fight against waves of monsters on the original DM maps or on one of 2 new custommaps.

# Resurrection of Evil support - Long anticipated, now it's done. We mostly completed RoE support for this version. The generators are working and fully support multiple players. Every player can pick up batteries and drop it into another generator. The grabber and it's beam are working in multiplayer as well. For optimizing the maps we removed all debris and small stones. For all maps we added spawnprogress so that player can easly join the fight or continue gaming after a respawn. Even grabbed moveable items now spawn at their original position. Furthermore we fixed the clientside prediction for the double barreled shotgun, which make playing with it sooo smooth. Another RoE eyecatcher is our X-Ray enhancement which supports multiple players now as well.

# Hellwave - A new gamemode is born. Hellwave is our new gametype for fastpaced action in deathmatch maps. Just start and join in. No scores, just enemies. The more monsters you frag the more will spawn.

# Fully changeable custom heads - Customizing is fun, so we added an option to lets you select the player head. We enhanced the feature even more -
When picking up the environment helmet in d3xp you will see it on the player as well. When selecting an white/asian/afro-american head
the body skin will apropiatly.

# Skin color slider - Instead of choosing between a limited amount of colored skins you can now choose from up to 128 skin colors. The skin color effect the helmet colors as well.

# Hud and votings updated - Voting for the next map will now automatically pick the next map in the episode. If this is the last map already it will pick the first map of the next episode. The endgame screen is now properly displayed when finishing the map. Furthermore we fix the scoreboard synchronisation as well as usernames coloring the chat.

# Gameplay - Lots of small enhancements to make the gameplay smoohther: The g_skill 5 damage is lowered, we fixed the restart bug on g_skill 5, player who reconnect can pickup all items again, we introduced as customizable skill level -1, healtstations can now be emptied into the healthpool, and disconnecting clients now spend their health into the healthpool.

# No more multiplayer save - No need to save anymore. When respawning you will get the weapons before you died.

# AI - So important, because in they version they get really angry : AI changes to new enemy if he is closer. AI gets alerted when players respawn. AI attacks closest player and not the activator when beiing activated. And we fixed that players going noclip aren't attacked by monsters anymore, we optimized clientside movement prediction and AI characters not talking to players.

# Projectiles and weapons - Arrr, lots of small bugs here. We crunched them all: Fixed a bug in clientside prediction of projectiles, Tracers are synced now if g_dropgibs enabled, Fixed imp & hellknight fireballs, Bleeding of monsters as well as fireball smoke effects
are now visible on the client, Hand Granades is now a per player Item as well, Fixed per Player Item not working in LAN mode correctly with more than one player, BFG beams were not showing up correctly with new projectile code, Fixed synchronisation of BFG guis for multiple players

# Network enhancements - Again, we reduced the server load by reducing the amount of data to be considered to be transmitted. We enabled smart prefetching of data to reduce in game traffic load. net_serverReloadEngine gets autoajusted to purge addon paks when needed. net_serverAutoadjust sets net_serverSnapshotDelay and g_dropGibs dependend on current client networkstatistics

# Cinematics - They may be skipped serverside now by using the cvar oc_skipCinematics.

# Physics - We revamped the clientside prediction of ragdolls, they drop more realistic now and require less performance.

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