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Brilliant highlights
Ver 0.3.1b

Past versions
0.2.60 (0.60b)


What is it?

A modified shader for Doom 3 and RoE that updates Doom's graphics to a more modern day level.

This new version should correct problems with the new 8000 series Geforces.


# HQ specular highlights #
- Power function based falloff
- Dynamic falloff (shinyness)
- Specular map masking
- Per-pixel Halfangle math

# HQ Normalmapping #
- Normalmap normalization increases bumpmap quality
- Normalmap filtering reduces specular aliasing

# Other FX #
- "Backlights" add realism by casting subtle light behind objects, as in reality, light tends to reflect and shine back from surfaces it hits.
- "Pocket shadows" creates shadows into the dents of the bumpmaps.

Beta status

Untested for Radeon hardware! Should work "by the specs" but this hasn't insured anything in the past.

So how do I install?

Option A: Create a folder to your Doom 3 directory (name it "bhmod" for example) and extract this package there. You can then access the mod trough the Doom 3 mods menu. Use this option if you play online (servers wont allow permanent mods)

Option B: Permanent install (more like "allways enabled"). Extract the file "z_bhmod.pk4" to your doom3/base folder. The mod will then be automatically (and allways) installed.

RoE: Extract the file "z_bhmod.pk4" to your doom3/d3xp folder.

Brilliant Bloom update:

Copy the interactions.vfp from this package's glprogs folder to your brilliant bloom's glprogs (overwriting the old file).


Option A: Delete the folder you created above.

Option B: Delete file "z_bhmod.pk4" from your doom3/base folder.

RoE: Delete file "z_bhmod.pk4" from your doom3/d3xp folder.


Sure; mail me at maha_x [AT] hotmail [DOT] com


See Doom 3 eula. Also, if you want to use my mod, ask. Not that I wanted to say no, just that I know. And credit me where required.

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