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Infernal Death Orgy is a mod I made that improves Doom3 in many ways. It makes Doom3 more realistic, better looking, and slightly more difficult. It does all this without meddling with the game's atmosphere. It is based upon Denton's Enhanced Doom3 2.02 mod, which has already received an outstanding score at I reckon I have done a good job of further enhancing this already sweet mod. I hope Doom3 mod creators will use Infernal Death Orgy 1.6 as a base for building their own Doom3 mods.

Some new features in 1.6 are:
1. Some monsters have different 'thud' sounds (the sound you hear when their dead carcass hits the floor). For example, big monsters like Hellknights and Mancubus make a louder thud, and Revenants have a thud sound which incorporates a little bone rattling. By the way, all new sound effects in IDOv16 originate from Doom3 and the Trent Reznor sound pack. I edited many sounds using Audacity (a freeware audio editor), but I didn't rip any sounds from other games.
2. Some zombie animations in plain Doom3 omitted out footstep sounds, and I have fixed this.
3. Added a lasersight to the machinegun.
4. More optional packs.
5. More new particles.
6. Added shakes to certain sounds for more immersion.
7. Monsters are vindictive and will fight with eachother ALL the time if given even the smallest excuse!
8. More stuff I can't remember.

This mod is slightly more difficult than plain Doom3. Plain Doom3 was actually a rather easy game, assuming you aren't a coward. In IDOv16, the easy difficulty level (MELLOW) is good for folks playing Doom3 for the first time, and the hard difficulty level (MERCILESS) will challenge expert players. If MERCILESS isn't tough enough for you, try using the optional UltraViolence and/or TurboMonsters packs for extremely difficulty.

This mod works with the 1.31 patch. If my mod doesn't work for you, leave a post on the mod's page at Leaving a message might help others if they get the same problem, which makes it a better choice than sending me email. Like just about everyone else who makes free game mods, I am not responsible if my mod wrecks your computer. This mod worked on my computer with no errors.


Extract and drop the extracted files into your Doom 3 folder. Then decide which optional paks you want to use. If you do, copy them from the {{{OPTIONAL GOODIES}}} folder and paste them into the IDOv16 folder. Run Doom3, click MODS at the main menu and click IDOv16.


To use the stuff in the {{{OPTIONAL GOODIES}}} folder all you need to do is copy the file you want to include and paste it into your Doom 3IDOv16 folder.

1. pak667_Lewdicrous_Pack.pk4
This pack contains many new sounds and images to make Doom 3 rather crazy and absurd. If you have a twisted sense of humor like I do, then you might want to invest in some diapers or rubber underwear before using this pack.

2. pak667_UltraViolence.pk4
This enables random monster spawning. The code that makes this work was taken from the Double Doom3 v2.1(final) mod by Mausus Atlas and modified slightly by me. In my opinion, this optional pack kicks buttocks. It also makes the game significantly more difficult.

3. pak667_TurboMonsters.pk4
This increases the speed of kombat oriented monster animations by 50%, thereby making monsters more furious.

4. pak667_DentonSounds.pk4
This contains sound replacements from Denton's Enhanced mod. Most of these sounds make your weapons sound more powerful. I predict most people will prefer the sounds in this pack more than the sounds in plain Doom3.

5. pak667_Xio's_monster_skins.pk4
This pack contains new monster skins. If you want to use Xio's monster skins instead, don't forget to delete or move pak667_Vorse's_monster_skins.pk4.

6. pak667_(whatever)Wounds.pk4
These packs each contain a different set of wound decals. Use whichever one you like most!

7. pak667_monster_burnaway.pk4
I made it so monsters don't disintegrate when killed. If you don't like this, and want monsters to disintegrate like in plain Doom3, use this. This will improve performance at the expense of being unable to surround yourself with the corpses of your enemies.


1. Certain weapon decals (bulletholes, rocketblasts) sometimes 'flicker' if you get too close to the wall which they are drawn upon.
2. The shotgun flashlight sometimes 'flickers' with g_showplayershadow "1"
3. .ogg sound files with shakes cause a WARNING message to be written on the console. This is stoopid because shakes work perfectly fine with .ogg sounds. If I knew how to edit the gamex86.dll file, I could probably fix this.
4. The material for HAZDOOR1 seems broken because the surface is entirely black.


Clone JC Denton: new gamex86.dll and many, many other changes
Trent Reznor: many sound replacements, Quake monster sounds
Maha_X: Brilliant Highlights mod (interaction.vfp in glprogs folder)
Vorse: monster skins
Xio: character skins, object skins, monster skins
Captain Obvious: shadow wraith
Dark Side of Phobos: menu and ening music -
Mausus Atlas: script for pak667_UltraViolence.pk4
Baris Caglar: optional wound texture packs
Henk "Obi-Wan" Bernhardt: Quake monsters (included but not implemented)
Boglito: prolonged decals
Silentdeath: chainsaw skin


That's all you need to know to get started. If you want to read about all the details of this mod, read the file IDOv16_details.txt.

love Benzo

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