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Author: Dafama2k7

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Next Generation Shaders v1.5 for Doom 3.

Enhanced_Shaders beyond the limits for ATI & NVidia gfx cards with OpenGL v2.0 or higher !

Try the kp_slash key to put the gfx modes to your taste (default is the best).

Thanks to TheRealSceneGraphManager for let me use they're Chromatic Shaders.
Thanks to Maha-X for the NEW techniques i used from him.


v1.5 - Better lightning, specially for ATI/Generic version this time !

v1.4 - Especially bettered the NVidia version, far superior !!!
- Bettered also the generic version, but not that far as the NVidia one.

v1.3 - Reduced my exagerated tweakes a little. Now it's more realistic.

v1.2 - More metallic and less plastic light environment.

v1.1 - Some bugs fixed and added a better ambient light !

v1.0 - Initial release.

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