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Duct Tape NoObEvEr v1.2 by Nighty

Update & Fix by Dafama (7-4-2k8)

Hello all !

Thank for playing with Duct Tape NoObEvEr, modification for Doom 3


1 : Just copy the file pak005.pk4 in your Doom3/base directory.

2 : Have nice fun !!!!



v1.2 - Fixed muzzleflash FX bugs, thanks to Billy Perrier for the feedback. :D
- Added also a lite version for people that just want a flashlight attached
to all weapons but no extra features like faster fire rate, more spread or
new sounds.

v1.1 - New updated version by Dafama.
- Added independant muzzleflash to all weapons.
- Fixed flicker on all mounted flashlights.
- Updated materials and lights.
- All weapon mounted flashlights casts shadows.
- Flashlight on hand have increassed long radius.

v1.0 - Original first release by Nighty.
- Add a flashlight on all fire weapons, 2 X more powerfull then the standard hand flashlight.
- Any weapons are modified, the rate of fire, the power, The spread of shotgun, all is more realistic (not more easy, but more realistic).
- All sound of weapons is modified by more realistic sound.
- The dead body, stay on the floor.


Why ? :

All series of doom are greats, and the maps of Doom 1 & 2 are liminous, the fun is always in rendez-vous no ?
Why not in Doom 3 ?


Delete the pak105.pk4 for remove the mod.


Please visit the website of the original creator of basic duct tape Mod :

And my website :


Have nice life everybody


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