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Author: Dafama2k7

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Reload_D3 v1.0


This is basically a mod that adds empty reload/fire animations and sounds when the player try to fire a weapons that has the clip empty. But also, it adds more features, like improved MG, CG and BFG GUIS, muzzleflashes for all weapons, better sounds, better FX for plasma alike weapons and more.


v1.0 - Fist release.
- Reload/Fire empty anim for all weapons.
- Improved GUI for MGUN, CGUN and BFG.
- Added better muzzleflashes for all weapons.
- Better sounds FX.
- Better FX for plasma based weapons, like PGUN and BFG.
- Added ass48 files for all default MP maps, so it can be played with bots.
- Fixed many weapons and monsters bugs.
- Added lights to Lost Souls, like the ROE Forgotten flying demons.
- Much more...


Just drag the mod folder to the Doom 3 root directory.


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