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Infernal Hellknight Skin (v1.0) - Gallonigher

------- Description -------

For me, the Hellknight has always been the most iconic of Doom's monsters. I imagine these creatures to have suffered the fires of Hell for almost as long as Hell's more permanent residents - which would explain why they're so tough! ;) I wanted to convey this theme in the visuals of the beast, so I've whipped up a skin that lends the Hellknight a sort of 'supernatural glow' that pulses like a bed of embers. Check it out when your 'knight is beneath a shadow or otherwise immersed in darkness. :) Its flesh has also been twisted and scarred.

------- Installation -------

1. Extract 'pak008.pk4' from the zip file.
2. Place the file into the Doom 3\base folder
3. Ensure that this pak file is the next file in sequential order. So if you already have a pak008.pk4, rename the file to 'pak009.pk4'.

To uninstall, simply remove the pak file.

------- Usage -------

If you want to check out your new Hellknight without having to rush to an area they inhabit:

1. Open any map.
2. Open the console and type 'spawn monster_demon_hellknight'

------- Recommendations -------

Although this skin will work at any quality, I recommend using a higher resolution/quality setting for the best results. It should also look pretty decent with any Bloom mod.

This skin was designed to be used without any other modifications to the Hellknight skin. However, you should be able to use any skin with this enhancement that does not utilize the heightmap (ie. hellknight_h)

------- Bugs -------

* None so far. If you encounter any, please let me know.

------- History -------

V1.1 - Stay tuned for the 'branded' version.
v1.0 - Initial Release

------- Disclaimer -------

You have permission to use this skin in any of your own mods or projects, just be sure to credit me when you do.

Many thanks to the folks at filefront for hosting this skin.

Have Fun ;)

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