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<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Maximum Graphic Mod >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

1.Maximum Graphic Mod
2.Maximum Graphic Mod Readme
3.Copyright Readme
4.DoomConfig.cfg (Hardcore Gamer optimized)
5.AutoExec.cfg (Dafama optimized)
6.Original Readme Documents (Credits)

Author: Sinot
Date: 28.10.2k5
Updated: 20.5.2k8 by Dafama.
Version: 1.9 (NG)


Description: I was looking a long time for a modification which contains the best visual, sound, gameplay effects for the game, but i didn't find it! so i decided to make it by myself.
I've tested nearly every mod which was published and took the best in my opinion together. This is the result of it.

Thanks to everyone who supported and unsupported me. A big thank to the authors of all these mods and that they allowed me to use it.

Big Thanks

I haven't took everything of the skins, particles, scripts etc. in the mods. Sometimes i just used maybe one skin or something.

Some of it's new features...:

v1.9 (NG) FULL mod by DFM

-Enhanced the weapon skins with Metal FX by Mausus Atlas !
-Enhanced the Plasma, BFG, grenade and Rocket weapons with sticky lights FX.
-Fixed Soul Cube bug introduced by me with the added custom ambient light mod.
-Enhanced various Demons, ZSecs & ZCommandos FX with added sticky lightning.
-Updated the config files, gamma and light radius has been increassed.

v1.8 (NG) FULL mod by DFM

-Now D3 base v1.3.1 compatible !!!
-Added hand gloves.
-Updated BHNG shaders with latest BH mod techniques.
-Updated some 1024x textures from TRSGM used in this mod.
-Updated BHNG with NVidia shader tricks on ATI shaders also.
-Fixed small bugs.

v1.7 (NG) FULL mod by DFM
-I have exchanged the Parallax shaders on this mod by the latest BHNG that combined with the z_bloom library present on this mod makes the gfx very impressive for a 2004 title !!!
-Added my ambient mod to enhanced to take care of the darkness on this mod.
-Faster walk and run for Imp demons.
-Reverted default skill difficulty level for this mod to 2 (veteran) as usual.
-Thanks to TheRealSceneGraphManager for the new skins for many characters
made by him, with a high quality graphics and they're Dispersion Chromatic shaders.
-Added Enhanced Doom3 models by EvilEngine.
-Removed old textures and models that doesn't make sense in this mod any more.
-Required to be set image_usePrecompressedTextures "0" to use this mod to the max. (set as default on the autoexec.cfg of this mod.)
-New muzzleflashes with shadows (true F.E.A.R. alike !)
-Predator style chaingun.
-Added full shadows for all D3 base SP & MP official maps.
-Removed most of the Maxgfx original sounds, added sounds from DOOM 3 Sounds & Defs by Robert Black.
-All weapons makes more damage now.
-Less spread for shotgun.
-Lowered idle sounds on chainsaw, plasmagun and BFG.

v1.6 update by DFM
-Updated shaders with latest Parallax NG. Now, looks amazing like never before.
-Tweaked config files, i want this mod to not look as cold as it is. ¿?
-Now, all lights mounted in guns casts shadows !
-Fixed Chainsaw light.
-Added fly light to grenade.

v1.5 update by DFM.
-Updated shaders with latest NG.

v1.4 update by DFM.
-Updated shaders.
-Added Dispersion shaders by TheRealSceneGraphManager.
-Fixed small bugs.

v1.3 update by DFM.

-Updated Parallax shaders with NG version ! (beyond the limits !)
-Updated Def and Script files, now more complete.
-Lowered r_lightScale to 2.0 (def.), because using Bloom is not needed to have it at 3.0
-Bettered the flashlights.
-Converted .TGA to .DDS local files for Parallax, so now it requires less powerful gfx cards.

v1.2 update by DFM.

-Balanced weapons damages for player and some ZSecs.
-Changed some Zombies heads and skins.
-Lowered the exagerated white on weapon chainsaw.
-Now it really uses the Parallax shaders !!!
-Lowered a little the plasma fire sounds.
-Fixed zombie Bernie and main_flashlight lights.

v1.1 update by DFM.

-Fixed some bugs.
-Added new muzzleflash effect for all weapons F.E.A.R. alike !
-All flashlight mounted weapons can be toggled ON/OFF with the weapon_flashlight reload key.
-Way better shaders up to date for both NVidia & ATI gfx cards (selectable pressing the KeyPad / key -KP_SLASH- that makes toggling the r_testARBProgram cvar to control the shaders) !
-Added better fx & particles.
-All teleport spawn effects breakes the glasses and kicks the objects !
-Fixed weapons scripts.
-Added better A.I. for monsters and zombies.
-Also this mod uses Bloom .dll library so it will need to be used from D3 v1.3.0 patch, not v1.3.1, so it will continue to be compatible for v1.3.0 patch like always, ok.
-Needs D3 patched to v1.3.0, NOT v1.3.1, to use it with patch v1.3.1 or ROE remove the gamex86.dll from the mod folder and in all the .pk4 files on that mod folder. Of course you will loose the Bloom effect by doing this.

The Mod List (non Ng version)

RSJRV99 (Skinpack) - new Skins
Xiospadvanced (Skinpack) - new Skins
Detailed Doom 3 - better Textures
Doom3 Cubed Mod - diferent Textures
Green Tech Mod - Weaponmodifications
Parallax Mapping - Parallax Mapping
Poly Modifier - better looking People
Tweakdoom 3 - Textures
Ultimate Mod - Lightning Effects
UEQ Mod - Self Shadowing
View Mod - Textures
1024x1024 Monsters - High Resolution of Monsters
Relief Mapping - Structure for Textures
Doom 3 Reborn - Weaponmodifications
Enhanced Doom 3 - different changes
Faiakes No Alt Entended - Particle Effects
GTX Mod - Menu Animations, Bloom Shader
Heres Johnnys Mod - Sound Modifications
No Fear Mod - Visual Weapons Effects
BFG Radar - BFG Radar added by DFM
Plasma Radar - Plasma Radar (radar bug fixed by dfm)
Radact - Plasmagun Changes
Remix - different Changes
Cold Breath - new Sounds
Doom 3 Reloaded - new Skins, Light Effects
Kill Intro - No Intro
Psychos Mega Mod - Gameplay Changes
Run - Run
Technopro Weaponsound - Weapons Sounds
Mega Soundpack - Sound Changes
Trent Reznor Sounds - a lot of new Sounds
Extremus - dynamic Lightning
Carnage - Explosion Effects
Boombeta - Weaponmodifications
Mycelos Weapon Enhancement Mod - different Weapon Changes
Mega FX Mod - another Weapon Sounds
New SPlasscreen - Hellknight loading Screen
No Id Humor - a fix nearly on the end of the game
Cab Codes - all Cab Codes etc.
UAC Sentry - you can spawn a sentry bot

(If i have forgotten anybody i'm verry sorry but i think that's everyone /
if not email me =


Copy the files into the Doom 3 directory and start the game over the shortcut.

Don't forget to set the Doom 3 path and ultra quality after you started 3mood.

The mod will automatically loaded what you'll see at the hellkngiht loading screen. And then enjoy Doom 3 in a never seen graphic and sound atmosphere.

Some examples what is changed!

The Weapons have the best textures you've ever seen.
All Weapons have got Real Metal FX Effect. (Incredible)
The plasmaball morphs the world around on impact.
Metal and bottom reflects the Lights.
Parallax Mapping for better looking.
Realistic Weapon Sounds and lights.
Bloom Shader.

I've done a little bit by myself. i have tweaked some weapon modifications and tested it and i made some weapon lights (not something where yousay wow on the first look, it should be playable for long time). I think now i have the best options, not much glow effects which bring downs the fps. All the others changes and modifications are made by others.

Maximum Graphic Mod - made by sinot

you can email me if you want:

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