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Author: Zoxin0

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__LS42 Battle Rifle__
Description: This mod will replace the assault rifle in bloodgulch
to a battle rifle. This battle rifle has a new model based upon the
original assault rifle. It is very powerful yet only has 15 bullets
per clip along with lowered ammo capacity. There has also been a new
skin added for this rifle which changes it to a tanish colour with a
hint of blue with a black and white display (the orange letters in
the display in the pictures wasn't made by me, they were made by
Jackle. I do not endorse them as my own in any way). To get more
accuracy in your shot, shoot with one click at a time
(example: Click click click click, either fast or slow, but I recomend
at a moderate pace since the ROF is lowered.


You will need the PPF-O-Matic to install this mod. It is available
for download at if you don't already have it.

First open up the ppf-o-matic and in the "ISO File" space browse to
"C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesHaloMAPS" folder and find and click open. Next go to the slot that says "Patch"
in the ppf-o-matic and browse to the downloaded "LS42BR.ppf" file
in the .zip folder (unzip everything inside the .zip folder you
downloaded in order to use the mod). And tah dah! You're done!
just play a game on bloodgulch that will have an assault rifle in it
and enjoy!

Now for the skin (optional, yet very worth it). Skins foudn in the
skins folder of the .zip file.

You wilL need HMT 3.5 to install this skin. Don't forget to backup
your original skin!
To install this skin, open up HMT 3.5, open up any map file
(it will show up on all maps) and open up the [bitm] tag
and scroll down to the "weaponsassault riflebitmapsassault rifle_fp"
skin and inject my skin: "assault". Then scroll
to the "weaponsassault riflebitmapsdisplay_fp" skin and then inject
my skin "" and tah dah! You have a brand new
LS42 battle rifle!

You need to have the backed up map to uninstall. If not, then sorry.
I am not responsible for that.
To uninstall the mod then take the backed up and paste it in
the MAPS folder.
To uninstall the skins, take the backed up files and repeat the installation
steps but instead using the original skins.



For feedback or questions contact me at either:

Filefront Member Name: Zoxin0


If you put this file under your own name that isn't mine, there may be

I am not responsible for any harm done to your computer after you have
downloaded this file.

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