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NEW_Shaders_Pack_D3_Q4_Prey v1.0

This are the latest versions for some of the most popular shaders out there. If you want Doom 3, Quake 4 and Prey to look the best, then check this package divided in three sections, just go the one you are interested in and drag & drop the folder mod to the game you may want to use the shaders on...

This package is composed of...:

NG shaders - I use and consider this as my standard shaders.

Enhanced shaders - This shaders serves me well on ALPHA mods alike.

Brilliant Highlights mod shaders - This surely are the best shaders never made.

Parallax shaders - If you have the power go for it, in next package will be included the latest Relief that are even more 3D, but at this moment, try this Unreal Engine 3 alike shaders.

Don't wait more, try it now !!!


Of course, thanks to the original authors of this mods, i have only tweaked and update it them to be incredible !

Final Note !...: Concerning ETQW game, i have only tested the demo 2 and the tweaked shaders are based on them, so try it, but make backups first, and i can only certify that it enhances the shaders of the ETQW demo 2 and demo 1, although the mod is based on the latest demo 2, anyway, the retail game may have newer shaders with even better features, i don't know, because at this moment i don't have the full game, but i will buy it shortly, of course, this and the RTCW 2 also both based on the latest D3 engine, always awesome !!!

Last hour info !...: I have fixed a too metallic look on BHmod NG on D3 and Prey version of the mod, specially and updated the Q4 version at the same time, this last does not need to be removed the metallic effect too much, it is well balanced as it is. Also i have updated the Q4 and Prey versions of the latest Enhanced shaders, that i was packed in some older versions, now all versions including D3 versions of Enhanced shaders are fully updated. :)

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