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Author: Dafama2K7

Readme File:

Oblivion mod for D3 originally developed by Unknown/Anonymous.
Oblivion mod (NG version) for D3 now updated by Dafama (2-1-2009).


Most important NEW Features:

- A new item: the flare grenade, to momentaneously light up the darkest places of Mars...
- Original weapons and player's capabilities modified for a more balanced gameplay (both SP and MP).
- Added various effects, like small graphics enhancements and better sound effects.
- New binds: press "f4" key to toggle the thirdperson view, "'" to show/hide the HUD and "z" to toggle
bullet time feature (1/2 time scale !).

To do:

- Throw grenades and/or flares without changing the weapon at the press of a single key !

List of latest Features added to this mod:

v1.3 - Public full new NG release by Dafama2k7 (2-1-2008).

- Added latest NG shaders with the NEW Perfect Shadows feature (unpublished to date !).
- Better FX, muzzleflash and light effects for Plasmagun and BFG weapons.
- Fixed generic weapon ammo bug.
- And more...

v1.2 - Internal full new NG release by Dafama2k7 (8-12-2008).

- Non bullet weapons can reload only when the clip is empty !
- Fixed small Id's bug with particles on both CGUN and BFG weapons.
- Added Predator feature to CGUN weapon.
- Added NEW AUTO savegame BACKUP feature to Autoexec.cfg config files.
- Set r_useIndexBuffers cvar value to "1" to enable NEW lightning feature to Autoexec.cfg
configuration files.
- Upped the r_vertexBufferMegs cvar value from default "32" to "128" now, doing this
to kill stuttering definitely. (r_useVertexBuffers cvar needs to be set to "1").

v1.1 - Public full new NG release by Dafama2k7 (6-1-2008).

- Weapons can reload only when the clip is empty !
- Fixed weapon shotgun fire sound.
- Almost removed pistol spread.
- Shotgun Crick Crack melee added ! :D
- D3_Alpha cursor used.
- Fixed BFG, Chaingun and Machinegun GUIS backcolor bug.
- Plasmagun can explode the flares and grenades now. (And any weapon that has damage_splash.)
- Bettered the configs.
- Optimized the flare particle.

List of important changes for the original version of this mod:

v1.0 - Public full release by Unknown/Anonymous (2004).

- The new flare item and the handgrenade share the same ammo type.
- Damage tweaked for all the weapons: fists and flashlight lowered, plasma has been increased,...
- Ballistic changes for all the weapons: accuracy modified, velocity of all projectiles modified,
gravity and air friction now alter all non-energy projectiles,...
- All projectiles including bullets are launched from the barrel of the gun, which was not the case
- Only plasma, rocket, BFG, handgrenade, soulcube and chainsaw can gib characters.
- Weapon script changed for all the weapons.
- Added a light shader for plasma and chaingun tracer.
- Lights caused by any explosion now slowly fade.
- Muzzle flash radius increased.
- Sounds changed for the machinegun.
- HUD changed: player can no longer see the ammo in clip of the weapon, only the total amount of
ammunition is displayed.
- GUI weapons changed: the various weapons' GUI no longer display the total amount of ammunition.
- Player movement lowered in both SP and MP: the crouch, walk and run speed have been decreased.
- Max ammo for all the weapons decreased.
- In MP, players now start with a flashlight, a pistol, a machinegun, handgrenades and flares by
- Controls Menu changed according to the new weapon list.
- List of weapons changed: (by order) fists, flashlight, pistol, shotgun, machinegun, chaingun,
plasmagun, rocketlauncher, BFG, handgrenade, flare, SoulCube, chainsaw.


- The option "g_projectileLights" "1" (def.) must be enabled... otherwise, the flare will not work!
- You should re-configure the controls according to the new weapon list
- Both r_useVertexBuffers "1" and r_useIndexBuffers "1" need to be set on the Autoexec.cfg or the game
may crash !!!

Known issues (old):

For any non-english version of Doom3, the name of the new flare item will not be displayed correctly
on the HUD. It needs to be translated first...

Here is how to fix this minor issue:

- Open the zpak000.pk4 with any software that supports .zip format.
- Open the file .lang inside the "strings" directory with any text editor.
- Add the following line: "#str_01422b" "Flares".

That's it!

Note from Dafama...: This bug is already fixed and we, the users don't need to do anything said in
the original previous known issues section.


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