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Author: Slade EXE

Readme File:

This is Slade-exe with the ubar_shoti-2 mod

Well, again, I haven't uploaded any files lately. Almost a year now... yah.

I've been working on a mod for the past year and I decided to just go back to my original mods and make them better. I give you the...


With this update, you can destroy more irratating and annoing baddies.

What it does, like the one before it, is make the double barrel shotgun fire twice before reloading. And to top it off, black lethergrip skin and NEW SOUNDS!!111//

But also, I've included a bonus, you can now play it in Doom 3 and RoE. YAAAAY!!!
But WAIT!!! There's even more.

I've included a second ubar_shoti pack dubed: ubar_shoti2.pk4

This one contains more sounds. Basicly, its mixed sounds from the shotgun with the super shotgun.

File contains:
Readme for DB shotgun.txt

What's been updated:
- Higher quality sound effects.
- Some sounds are different.
- Added tracer fire.
- Added dry fire sound.

The tracer fire and the new dry fire sound is not included in Ubar_shoti2 and ubar_shoti2_d3.


For ubar_shoti_d3 & ubar_shoti2_d3:
Open up the zip file and drag the Pk4 into your Doom 3 base folder.

For ubar_shoti & ubar_shoti2:
Open up the zip file and drag the Pk4 into your Doom 3 d3xp folder.


Doom 3 (Duh)
Resurrection of Evil

I've found that in the d3 version of the ubar_shoti, the shells eject when you fire the weapon.
If it doesn't, well IDK. :

For the ubar_shoti_d3 and ubar_shoti2_d3, theres a problem with the shell ammo because the shotgun and supershotgun have different ammo amounts.

The Rights:

-You are allowed to modify this mod but if you want to make it public, send it to me.
-Permision is needed if you add this to a mod of your own.

Thanks go to:

Pitt - for the super shotgun mod for doom 3.

Ice_Tray - for info I needed to modify the script and insperation for the custom sounds.


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