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Perfected Doom 3 version 4.0.0
By John Carrizales aka VICTORIOUSGAMES

New in version 4.0.0

Even more small changes to flaws that I overlooked. Sorry again about that.
Monsters damage given by their attacks have been rebalanced to keep the game hard but not impossible.
Particle FX toned down for certain weapons and monster attacks to allow better frame rates.
Gravity Gun removed due to crashes and graphical glitches caused by the weapon.

New in version 3.0.0

Small changes to flaws that I overlooked. Sorry about that.


1. Weapon Tweaks.

2. Monster Tweaks.

3. Added Deadly Attacks.

3. General Tweaks.

4. Blood and Gore Tweaks.

5. Ragdoll Tweaks

6. Sound Tweaks.

7. Graphics Tweaks.

8. Map tweaks


1. Unzip the .pk4 file to your DOOM3 directory under a directory named Perfected Doom 3 or something like that.
2. Start DOOM3.
3. Select 'Perfected Doom 3' from the mods list.
4. Enjoy.

Check out the "Special Commands" text file included in this zip file to learn how to enable special abilities.

Weapon Changes:

1. Fists - Halved its damage rate and now it does not make flesh wounds and
it does not make blood spray.

2. Pistol - Increased the firing rate a bit and gave it its own smaller version of
the burstysquirt blood effect. Better metallic look.

3. Shotgun - Added a new skin that makes the current shotgun look like the classic shotgun. Fixed the reload flaw where the
player reloaded 2 shells at a time. Cut the spread down to 11 and set the amount of pellets to 20. Knockback has been
set to 75. If you hit a target with at close range with all of the pellets then that's like hitting him with a knockback of 1500.
Better metallic look.

4. Machinegun - Increased the bullet damage to 15, now holds 90 rounds per clip, and can fire 30 rounds per second
and now has a max ammo amount of 630. Better metallic look.

5. Chaingun - Enlarged the clip size to 800 rounds and raised the max ammo amount to 1600.
Added a better GUI to allow one to see 3 numbers better. Also upped
its firing rate and set its spread to 6. Also, when you run out of ammo, and you don't
let up on the trigger, the barrels will continue to spin until you release the trigger. Better metallic look.

6. Grenades - Less bounce has been added to the projectile. Cut back a little on the damage
that is done by the splash but made the weapon more powerful altogether and now has better explosion effects.
Also removed the smoke trail.

7. Plasmagun - Better Damage. Faster projectiles. Added a radar to the weapon aswell. It fires twice as fast.
Plus clipsize is now 100. Also has its original prototype skin.

8. Rocket Launcher - Adjusted the damage done by the splash and made the weapon a lot more
powerful overall and now has better explosion effects. Better metallic look.

9. Soul Cube - No changes except that when it hits a monster it will make a lot of blood spray out of the beast.
Knives have a better metallic look.

10. BFG - A lot more powerful and now has better explosion effects. Better metallic look.

11. Flashlight - Set its damage rate to 15 since the fists damage rate is now at 10. It should have
a much wider beam. Also, it does not make flesh wounds and it does not make blood spray when
used as a melee weapon. Also tweaked the light to make it even more real looking.

12. Chainsaw - More powerful. Now has blood splattered along the bar and a little on its body.

13. All guns now have the same muzzle smoke effects whether they are being fired by monsters or humans.
For example, the Cyberdemon's rocket launcher has the same smoke effect as your Rocket Launcher.

14. All bullet types have the same spread no matter who's using them. For example, The Cyber Demon's
rockets have the same spread as your rockets.

15. All ammunition pickups have been changed to make them more realistic. For example, the single machinegun
magazine pickup now gives 60 rounds because 1 magazine can hold 60 rounds. And the double machinegun magazine
pickup now gives 120 rounds.

16. All bullets now have tracer effects.

17. Velocities have been set for bullet types depending on their size. So the smaller the bullet the faster it can move.

18. All weapons will push the player backwards when being fired. The push amount depends on the weapon, and for some
weapons the push will add some difficulty for the player trying to use them.

19. All weapons that have metal on them now have a better metallic looking textures.

20. All damage values for the different bullet types have been balanced out to a very realistic amount.

21. Added a Double Barrel Shotgun straight from Resurrection of Evil. It has twice as much spread as the pumpshotgun and
its pellets do the same damage as the pumpshotgun's. Plus it fires off twice as many pellets all in one burst and the
knockback has been set to 75 too. If you hit a target with at close range with all of the pellets then that's like hitting him with a
knockback of 3000.

Monster Changes:

1. All damage ratios for monster attacks have been doubled or greatly increased.

2. All ZSec Zombies' weapons and the Commando Zombie's chaingun and Sawyer's chainsaw now do the same amount of damage
and knockback as your weapons. So if your chainsaw does 37.5 damage everytime it hits someone then so does Sawyer's
chainsaw. The shotgun is the only weapon that differs in knockback between the player's and the monsters' guns. Your shotgun
pellet makes 75 knockback and the baddies pellets each have a knockback of 3. You still get knocked around quite a bit.

3. All Zombies are very tough now. You must get a headhsot on them to bring them down. That includes
the ZSec and Commando Zombies. Body shots are harmful but pointless.

4. Pinky's health is now 500.

5. Revenant's health is now 372.

6. Cacodemon's health is now 800.

7. All characters now have different damage scales for their body parts depending on their size. So
if you try to take out a Hellknight with arm and leg shots, it'll take a while, but with headshots
and chest shots, you can chop him down much faster. Same goes for all the monsters, NPC's, and
the Player too. Arm and leg shots do little damage. Players beware, get hit in the
head by a severe attack (gunshots) and it's almost positive that you will die instantly.

8. All bosses' health have been greatly increased depending on their rank.

9. Hellknight's health is now 5800.

10. Mancubus's health is now 3600.

11. The Cyberdemon's missiles now do the same amount of damage as your missiles. Which means
instant kill if a direct hit is made.

12. The Revenant's missiles do half the amount of damage that your missiles do and they are slower. But they may be
able to score an instant kill if a direct hit is made, so do not underestimate.

13. The Mancubus's projectiles do about the same amount of damage as your missiles, just slightly less, and they are slower.
An instant kill will be made if a direct hit occurs.

14. The Cyberdemon will now fire missiles at you continuously as long as he can see you. Just like the old version
from Doom.

15. All monsters NOFOVTime has been changed to 1 or 0. The monsters will pretty much always see you if you are in their
FOV range. Which means they won't let up on attacking you as much now.

16. Zombies are now able to be reserrected by the Archvile. So now the Archvile can have all of the monsters,
except for the Bosses, at his side.

17. The Vagary's debris attacks now do 3 times as much damage when they collide into you.

18. The Archvile's Flame Wall attack can now go twice the distance that it originally could.

19. All monsters' dodge rates, except for the zombies', have been multiplied by 4. Expect more dodging from
those demon bastards.

20. The Wraith is now much harder to combat against. Expect a more difficult target to hit.

21. The chaingun-wielding Commando's accuracy has been tweaked quite a bit. He's still a tough bastard.

22. All of the Z-Sec Zombies' accuracies have been tweaked quite a bit. That way they can't get off a headshot as easily,
but they are still pretty tough.

23. Imps now throw barrels at you if there are any around.

24. Hellknights now throw nearby Imps and Zombies at you if he feels like it. And sometimes he'll just slam
them into a wall.

25. All enemy AI has been greatly tweaked to make them even more fearsome. Don't expect any of the monsters to just walk
into your gunfire, especially the ZSecs.

26. Lostsoul's health is now 30.

27. All monsters with metal on their bodies, except for bosses, have a much more realistic metallic look to their metal body parts.

Deadly Attacks:

These are all of the attacks done by monsters that will severely wound you or kill you instantly.
Be very cautious of these attacks, they are very deadly. If an attack is marked instant kill that
means that it will kill you instantly if your are hit in the chest or head. You may live if hit in
an arm or leg but more then likely you won't. If an attack is marked severe damage that means that
you may be able to live through a head or chest hit and you'll more then likely live if hit in the
arms or legs.

1. Boss_Cyberdemon - Rocket Attack - INSTANT KILL
Kicking Attack - INSTANT KILL

2. Boss_Guardian - Charging Attack - INSTANT KILL
Headbutting Attack - Severe Damage

3. Archvile - Incinerating Attack - INSTANT KILL

4. Cherub - Leaping Attack - Severe Damage

5. Hellknight - Biting Attack - INSTANT KILL
Fireball Attack - Severe Damage

6. Imp - Leaping Attack - Severe Damage

7. Maggot - Leaping Attack - Severe Damage

8. Mancubus - Fireball Attack - INSTANT KILL
Stomping Attack - INSTANT KILL

9. Pinky - Biting Attack - INSTANT KILL

10 Revenant - Rocket Attack - INSTANT KILL

11. Tick - Leaping Attack - Severe Damage
After Death Burst Explosion - Severe Damage

12. Trite - Leaping Attack - Severe Damage
After Death Burst Explosion - Severe Damage

13. Wraith - Stabbing Attack - INSTANT KILL

14. Cacodemon - Biting Attack - INSTANT KILL

15. Lostsoul - Charging Attack - Severe Damage

16. Commando - Tentacle Attack - Severe Damage

17. Sawyer - Chainsaw Attack - Severe Damage

General Game Changes:

1. All decals, except explosion and plasma rifle burn marks, stay forever.

2. Many lighting effects for weapons, projectiles, and monsters have been added to the game.
If a monster is using a weapon that you have, that weapon will have the same effects as yours.

3. Bullet casings will stay on the ground for about 5 minutes. The debris from explosions will stay forever.

4. New particle effects for bullet hits on walls added. Each bullet type has a different sized effect.

5. Health goes up to 200 and Armor goes up to 250.

6. An Armor suit will give you full Armor now.

7. Added spark and thick smoke particle effects to all explosions.

8. Made the player walk a bit slower.

Blood and Gore:

1. Gibbing is gone.

2. Blood stays forever.

3. Blood now squirts out of the bullet wound that you put on a monster for a short while. Very cool effect.

4. All monster attacks that should make blood spray now make blood spray. The amount is dependent
on the damage ratio of the attack.

5. Added small, medium, large, deadly, and Soul Cube specific burstysquirts. The original burstysquirt acts as the
medium sized version of the particle effect with some added effects.

6. Blood is now darker.

7. Added a much better blood spray effect to the chainsaw.

8. Added burning effect to rockets and grenades hitting someone directly. Sprays blood and leaves smoke
and fire on the victim for a short period.

9. Made new burning effects for plasma and BFG htting someone directly.

10. Added new bulletwound decals for the pistol, machinegun, chaingun, chainsaw, and plasmagun.

Sound Changes:

1. The opening menu music is a song that was actually the foundation for the Doom 1 level song for
the first level of the third chapter called the INFERNO. That song was from Pantera's album
Vulgar Display of Power, and it was called Mouth for War. True Doom-ites will recognize it right off the bat.

2. Added better zombie sounds.

3. Added better pistol firing sounds.

4. Added better double barrel shotgun firing sounds.

5. Added more bullethit_flesh sounds.

6. All monster weapons sounds and player weapon sounds now make the same sounds when firing.

7. All volume levels for explosion and weapon firing sounds have been doubled.

Graphics Changes:

1. Added better lighting usage to the whole game. This makes the skins and textures look life-like and not
so plastic-like.

2. Raised the heightmap values for all textures and skins a whole lot. This gives extreme depth to all of the textures
in the game. Rocks look like rocks, fabric for clothing looks like fabric, metal looks like metal, etc. The game
looks 100 times better. And best of all, it doesn't add any kind of framerate lag.

3. All objects, monster parts, or character parts that should have shadows now make shadows.

4. All objects, monsters, weapons, and characters now have selfshadowing enabled making the game look even better.

Map Changes:

1. I've changed up several of the maps to include the new double barrel shotgun weapon pickup. That way you don't
have to use a cheat to get it.

2. I've added several bot characters into Alphalabs 3.

Thanks To:

Ryft and Scott James Lambert aka "Scotty" for helping me find bugs and glitches caused by the previous version of this mod.
The Battleready Mod for some of the particle effects.
The Bog Decal Mod for the great code used to make all decals stay.
The ExpSpice Mod for some of the particle effects and effects coding.
The MegaEfX Mod for some of the particle effects.
The No ID Humor Mod for the files used to make this mod.
The Plasma Radar 1.0 Mod for the files used to make this mod.
The Classic Cyberdemon Mod for the code used to make this mod.
The Shadow Wraith Mod for the code used to make this mod.
The Ultimate 1.0 Mod for the code used to make better life-like textures.
The Ultra Realistic Tactical Lights (RTL) Mod for the new flashlight shader.
The Trent Reznor Sounds Pack for the truely god-like sounds.
The NO-F.E.A.R. 1.2 Mod for some of the particle effects.
The Resurrection of Evil Add-on for Doom 3 by ID Software for their Double Barrel Shotgun.
The SDChainsawBlood Skin Mod for the awesome bloody chainsaw skin.
The Imp Barrel Toss Mod for the code used to make this mod.
The Hellknight Imp & Zombie Toss Mod for the code used to make this mod.
The UAC Redux mod for the excellent AI scripts used to give the enemies better tactical combat skills.
The Tinman Squad b3 Mod for the code used to make this mod.
The Awesome Sauce v1 Mod for the awesome Prototype Plasmagun Skin.
The Polymodifer v1 Mod for the great models that were edited to add better, smoother curves.
The Classic Shotgun Skin v1.1 Mod for the shotgun skin that took me back to the old days.

All of the readme files from these mods are included.

Thank you to everybody that donated something to my purpose.
I guarantee you that you made this mod so much more better then it would have been.


If anybody would like to copy parts of this mod or include it into another mod please go right ahead.
However, I would like some credit. Contact me first and then include my name in your readme and include
this readme file along with your mod. Thanx.

My email is:



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