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Author: BHenderson

Zombie Slayer is a Doom 3 mod that incorporates gameplay from games like Dragon's Lair and Shenmue, but with a twist -- you have three chances to successful input the correct key. Fail three times, and you are dead.

The story: You are John McAllen, a mercenary hired for a research outpost on Mars. An alarm wakes you up one day. After you scramble for your gun and armor from your locker and leave your room, you find zombies everywhere like in those old horror movies...and like in your nightmares.

You book it to the security center hoping that some people are still alive. Maybe then you can find out what these scientists on this research center are doing with all these damned zombies. You also want to find a way out of this forsaken place.

Prepare for the fight for your life.

The mod is split up into four chapters. Each chapter has a gameplay segment and a storyline segment.

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