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// Change Log:


- Gameplay:
- Added a "Use" function. This is used to pick up moveable objects(g_grabMode = 1),
pick up items(g_itemPickupType = 1), and to search corpses for items(g_itemSearchFactor > 0),

- Adrenaline power up is now carriable with "_impulse26" to use it. It now has the effect of
cutting damage in half as well as infinite stamina.

- Added the ablility to carry health packs (g_healthManagementType = 1). "_impulse25" to use
health pack. The "g_healthPack*" cvars are used to customize the mechanic.

- Using "g_itemRemovalFactor", items can be randomly removed upon map load, just to add
some randomization

- Using "g_itemHelmetFactor", security armor will be randomly replaced with a new armor item:
"Marine Helmet". This has an armor value of 25.

- Using "g_itemValueFactor, each item's value will be randomly set. Like the variables above,
this is just to add some randomization and re-playability.

- All items now have physics. There may be some items here and there that are "sinking" into
ground but they should still be obtainable, this mostly happens with items on the bottom
shelf of storage cabinets.

- Made further tweaks to max ammo capacities

- Added a cvar to toggle between normal ammo capacity values (max and clip size) and custom values

- Changed max armor capacity to 50

- Some minor tweaks to weapon damages for better balancing

- Increased chaingun's rate of fire

- Accuracy is increased when zoomed in and Weapon Handling Type is set to "Realistic"

- Splash damage is now added on top of direct damage.

- Increased the locational damage scale for "chest" do to some difficulty complaints (the
previous scale kind of bothered me, as well)

- Decreased the locational damage scale for "head" for the pinky demon and cacodemon as they
were a little to easy to kill with the previous scale

- Added a toggle for whether the Cyberdemon can be damaged by normal weapons.

- Added a toggle for whether enemies of the same rank will fight each other.

- Adjusted the volume and distance variable of the pinky demon's combat chatter sounds

- Removed the crude random zombie script and implemented a better random spawning system
via code. It's still in its infancy but it works good enough for now and its not limited
to just zombies.

- Graphics:
- Updated and improved HDR implementation

- Added HDR dynamic lens flare effect

- Added color grading through the use of a lut. Much faster and more versatile than using math

- Added Bokeh! ;)

- Added an accumulation buffer style motion blur

- Improved the look of the soft shadows with using Box or Poisson blur methods

- Added localized radial blur effect from explosions

- Added a frost build up effect on the screen when in outdoor areas

- All new interaction shader using linear-space lighting, normalized Blinn-Phong
specular model

- miscellaneous tweaks and improvements to most shaders

- Interface:
- updated, of course, to include all new cvars

- made the sikkmod options menu more pretty.

- setting "g_useDynamicHud" allows the hud to fade when stats are static for a period of time.
Pressing "reload" will manually show the hud.

*Note: This list was made right before the release so it probably doesn't contain everything
that's new or been changed. I'm too lazy to keep a change log as I go.

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