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THE DARK MOD is a total conversion for Doom 3, turning it into a dark and moody stealth game inspired by the Thief series by Looking Glass Studios.


The Dark Mod world can be viewed as an alternate version of our own. It is a mixture of several historical periods, with architecture ranging from medieval castles to Victorian mansions. In this world, steam and clockwork technology were discovered much earlier in history, allowing for odd inventions and industrial warehouses to exist side-by-side with Gothic cathedrals and sword-wielding city watch. Magic is also a tangible force, though it is rare to for most people to encounter anything but subtle magical effects.

The world of The Dark Mod is bigger than any one person's story. It is a world full of individuals, people who have their own goals, faults and attitudes. There are few "truths" in the world, only different groups of people who strongly believe in things they cannot prove.

The Dark Mod is set in a world that is dark, gritty and adult. It is a setting that strives to be immersive, and to feel as believable to the player as possible. Neither campy humour nor climactic battles between good and evil fit the style of The Dark Mod world.

Characters talk and act in ways that are appropriate to their upbringing and station. Most guards are rough, uneducated brutes who spend their lives drinking, gambling, and bedding whores. They certainly don't recite poetry or discuss philosophy in their spare time. Aristocrats are often just as brutish, but with a slightly more educated veneer.

With plagues, infection, and drunken brawls spilling into the streets on a regular basis, life is much cheaper in this world than ours. The heads and corpses of criminals line the roads, and public torture and hangings are one of the most popular forms of entertainment--watching criminals have their entrails cut out and burned while still alive is considered a good way to teach children moral lessons. Even the Church, the main provider of hope and beauty in this age, enthusiastically tortures and burns heretics.
Technical Overview:

In technical terms, we have created a total conversion of the Doom 3 platform, turning it into a new, stealth-based game. We have created new and improved AI, a completely new menu, swim-able water, new tools like rope arrows, gas mines etc., all new models, sounds and textures that support a 'steam-punk' genre made popular by Looking Glass Studio's "Thief" franchise.

We also maintain our own version of the editor, called Dark Radiant. It is an updated version of GTKRadiant, and has a lot new features (Python scripting support, many bug-fixes, new Particle preview, Texture Tool etc.) and comes with a number of Dark Mod related plug-ins like an Objectives or Conversation editor.
While this mod is first and foremost, a toolkit (and ships with only a training mission), it provides people with all the tools necessary to create their own Medieval Steam-punk Fan Missions. The community has already created over 45 full missions for you to play.

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