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- Latest Shaders Pack for D3 & ROE & Q4 by Dafama v2.7 -

This NEW package contains the latest versions of my shaders, now i have added semy HDR, thanks to The Real Scene Graph Manager and Sikkpin new shaders ideas and implementations !

Very latest features on shaders...:

v2.7 - Fixed glasses, mirrors, all reflections now, glasses had a light inside that i added by mistake, now is fixed at last ! :D

v2.6 - Added and enhanced some features from latest Sikkpin awesome shaders mods !!!
- Fixed a bug in the ambientlight.vfp shader and enhanced the detail.
- Fixed lighting problems on Brilliant Highlights shaders.
- Fixed some bugs and remove all TXB and use again TEX because is faster and also, like Parallax, is a feature we not need so much, so i can add other better things and improove on speed also, not only on quality !

v2.5 - Fixed a lot of dirty bugs, specially on D3 and made better the glasses.
- Lowered Parallax, really is not worth it enough, that parallax or that relief, i think better that D3 needs higher ressolution textures, better sound and enhanced fx like in first FEAR and its two expansions !

v2.4 - Real custom shaders for both D3 & Q4 optimized and specifically made for each one.
- Removed support for Prey.

v2.3 - Fixed Parallax VERY BIG BUG that made all shaders to look ugly and nothing to do of what i wanted, but i was not see this until late, because i not tested too much that latest two previous versions, now, this is fixed and the new look can be noticed with easy, look at the screenshots i made too and try it !
- Removed support for ETQW.

v2.2 - Fixed bugs, optimized, is faster now and gets the best out of IdTech4 shaders, bring new life to IdTech4 games look, is cool, try it now.
- Changed properties from nicest to fastest again, because is the best for images in movement.
- Fixed some lightning bugs.
- Made Brilliant Highlights better, fixed bugs, makes it cool and real !
- Better Parallax for both NG & BHM shaders.
- Updated all D3, Q4, Prey & ETQW shaders to latest !
- Really im not good explaining but just try it and see...

v2.1 - New enhanced & Fixed bugs, bring new life to IdTech4 games look, is cool, try it and see for ourselves...
Updated the shader to be more compatible with newer gfx cards.
Added to use exactly the same style as the original shaders in the NG shaders, so now are a little less brighter and more metallic realistic look for metal, and fully removed plastic look on human skin and the like.
As for BHM shaders, i added also that semi-HDR feature, but now well done and more realistic look, so, is not all look brighter and super amazing, it depends on many things like in real life.
Increassed a little the amount of Parallax applied and added as much as i can of all this to ETQW too, just try all of them, all versions included from D3 & Q4 to ETQW & even Prey.

v2.0a - Fixed a very small bug on environment.vfp, only a little enhancement.

v2.0 - Added Self Shadows to ambient lights, very noticiable !!!
- Added improved global light.
- Fixed bugs on color.vfp, environment.vfp, bumpyenvironment.vfp and ambientlights.vfp
- Dead Space style specular style on environment textures, walls and the like. :D

v1.9 - Added semi HDR feature on all my shaders.
- Added Penumbra effect on all my shaders.
- Fixed lights passing through solid objects on BHM, now, this no more.
- Enhanced backlights and added clamp Brilliant Highligts Mod.
- Removed a couple of bugs, this, take me three full days.

Oh, also i have put on the Bonus folder a file named zzz_materials_q4.pk4 that makes all weapons to look brilliant and metallic, try it !

Very Special Thanks to all this great people...:

This mod uses awesome Brilliant Highlights latest new techniques thanks to Maha-X !
This mod uses amazing Dispersion & Chromatic effect thanks to Sikkpin !
This mod uses amazing Dispersion & Chromatic effect thanks to TheRealSceneGraphManager !
This mod uses best fixes for Dispersion & Chromatic shaders by Langenscheiss !!!
This mod uses brilliant Green Bar fix thanks to Langenscheiss !

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