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- Latest Shaders Pack for D3 & ROE - (7-5-2k13)

This NEW package contains the latest versions of my NG shaders

This mod package full of very powerful and good looking shaders does not substitute my other New Best Shaders, its an alternate shaders going so far beyond the others but using different more advanced features from me and from many other mod creators who made an amazing work.

Very latest features on shaders...:

v1.0 - Removed Parallax at last, so they are good looking but faster.


Lenght Name
------- -----
2941828 alpha_guis_env.pk4 - Resource of Alpha guis.

5367 Autoexec_base.cfg - my Autoexec.cfg for D3 base.

5774 autoexec_D3XP.cfg - my Autoexec.cfg for D3XP (ROE).

2715680 omap_vehicles.pk4 - Vehicle maps that comes on SDK, compiled.

697816 pak102.pk4 - Fixes for D3XP (ROE).

333491 pak008.pk4 - Fixes for D3 base.

2309717 pak_beefysounds.pk4 - Very good sounds for weapons and other things on D3.

1520922 zzz_fixed_models_d3_base_roe.pk4 - Fixed models for D3 & ROE, enhanced its physics.

5899 zz_e3_crosshair.pk4 - Much better crosshair from Alpha, feel more powerful.

86790 zz_mainmenu_d3xp_gui.pk4 - Better mainmenu GUI for ROE.

83066 zz_mainmenu_d3_gui.pk4 - Better mainmenu GUI for Doom 3 base.

23808 zz_materials.pk4 - Brilliant material for weapons, ammo, armor, etc.

3220 z_d3_translucent_console.pk4 - Transparent console while in game.

Very Special Thanks to all this great persons...:

This mod uses awesome Brilliant Highlights latest new techniques thanks to Maha-X !
This mod uses amazing Dispersion & Chromatic effect thanks to Sikkpin !
This mod uses amazing Dispersion & Chromatic effect thanks to TheRealSceneGraphManager !
This mod uses best fixes for Dispersion & Chromatic shaders by Langenscheiss !!!
This mod uses brilliant Green Bar fix thanks to Langenscheiss !

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